Scarves are my favorite accessory

The Christmas season is here with all its joy and cheer. This seems to me the best season to layer up and pull out all the wonder dresses you have been saving for a special occasion.The occasion whether special or not, the moments around all the festive glow are worth savoring for.There are multiple discounts and flash sales happening all around including the black Friday and cyber Monday sale. Then there are end of season sales that have your heart and your mind.The question that sometimes baffles me is, “what all am I supposed to shop for without turning into a headless spendthrift. I recently discovered great style looks I could create using accessories on most of my clothes. I usually pick scarves and jewelry at such sales along with a bag full of apparel as, I can always use them to accessorize my clothes later.

Scarves come in handy in almost all weathers. You have to pick the right kind of scarf though. Pick a mixed option of scarves. Choose a bulkier scarf for winters and choose a lighter scarf to doll up your summer dresses. You can opt for darker colors during winters and wear these scarves with a belt too. Opt for solid colors to go with printed apparel and opt for printed ones to go over solid or monochromatic colors.

You can not only wear scarves over your dresses but you can use them as a head band, wear them around your neck or wear them around your waist too.A quick look at how the scarf has been used so elegantly in this picture

You can add scarves to not just formal or western wear, you can team it to create a great ethnic look as well.

You can always choose an infinity scarf that will go with all your casual outfits. You can choose to pair them with belts and shoes based on your outfit and you for sure will be ready to strike some thunder.I would love to try one of these to go with basic tee and jeans for the “anytime to arrive now” winter here in Mumbai.

You can even pair them with skirts along with some beaded jewelry and flat shoes for the fascinating “boho” look.You can wear a long printed scarf over your head or just drape it around your hands and let it hang loose.

Oh and I did I also tell you that they can be used as emergency napkins for your kids. Well, don’t eeeew me, I only telling you about the “daily struggles” of dressing up when you are a mom.

I do hope that you try out all these amazing styles and may you have lots of paparazzi around you to have quite a few Insta worthy pictures!!

Also these two videos that I discovered on YouTube help me with last minute styling options.

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