It’s OK to not make fresh meals for your family!

As a mom, and a maybe as a woman, we are often expected to dish out delicacies and are judged on our cooking skills. It doesn’t matter how educated we are or how successful we become, certain households will still judge you and raise questions of the list of meals you can whip up.

They will surely applaud you for your business management, client relation, and communication skills. Your dressing sense will also be commended in the society however all will go in vain if you had to tell them (read society) that you cannot cook!

I had recently come across some women banishing an ad made by a famous food delivery app, where the mum is enjoying some me time and asks her child to order food. If you had to ask my opinion, I think it was ok for that mother to take a break from stepping into the kitchen for that day.

I did that today. Nah, I didn’t order meals from a food app as we had just dined out the other day, but I decided to serve rotis cooked in the morning for dinner.

Who did I serve them to? I served them to that human being whose nourishment, development and care is my responsibility! Yes, I served them to my son.

Why? Because they were rotis made out of mixed flour with fenugreek leaves added to it and he wanted a pizza for dinner.

I simply spread some cheese spread and pizza sauce and added grated cheese to the rotis and gave it a twist to turn it into a pizza. Was my son happy? Yes, he was! Did he judge me for not cooking fresh rotis for him? No, he didn’t! In fact, he was super thrilled on being served a pizza for dinner.

Maybe I didn’t make any extra effort for dinner, but I fulfilled his wish to have a pizza. I don’t really know the health quotient of this meal but I know one thing for sure, the time I saved by being in the kitchen today, I used the same time to build some blocks and make puzzles with my sonny boy.

I may go back to whipping up delicacies tomorrow but today I took a break for myself and him!

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