Things to teach your children today that will help them tomorrow.

In recent times and times to come, there are a zillion things I worry about as a parent. I think parenting and worrying are synonymous.There will never be a thing you will not worry about. One of my biggest worry is to be able to raise my child well because my little boy of today will soon grow into a Man in few years to come. He will always be under the scanner and scrutinized for his actions may be because he is a man!

The sorrow fills me up to the brim sometimes with thoughts of how even boys don’t have it easy in today’s world. Due to certain heinous crimes by a few, the entire race of men is looked at with disgust and suspicion. Well, one thing that I have always taught my boy, is to not worry about people’s opinions as long as in the deepest corners of his heart, he can hear an echo, which says he is right.

As parents of millennial and Gen Z children, there is more to education and extra curricular activities. There is more to worry about that just social media exposure and cyber security.There are few things I began talking about early to my child about and I believe every parent should.

Respect People – It doesn’t matter if its a man, woman or a transgender, teach your children to respect everyone. Respect is like a boomerang, you get what you give. Respect isn’t based on a person’s caste, creed or color, instead it just simply based on your deeds and the person you are.

Do good, be good – Well even bad girls and bad boys go to heaven, in some different dimension I guess. Well, just like Iron Man who is a billionaire but still believes in doing the right thing, so you could be anyone you want to be, but you have to make sure not to harm or hurt anyone!!

Let your manners not go on a vacation – Well, in this slightly twisted world, some people don’t deserve good manners but yeah let’s teach our kids to always hold onto them, because your behavior makes your character after all!

Teach your kids about feminism – Feminism isn’t about females only, in it’s true sense, its all about equality. Teach your kids to treat everyone equal. Equality should exist in all forms of life along with love and respect.

Boy’s do Cry – Well crying is the most natural form of expression at either being sad or happy. So yes boys and girls do cry and I think they look cute when they do, except until they aren’t sprawled on the floor and howling. Teach kids to be able to understand and express their emotions.

Education – Education is what one remembers after they have forgotten what they learnt in school. Educate your kids to do follow their ambitions. Educate them to be able to express themselves and take a stand when needed. Educate them to distinguish right from wrong, the way a mom can distinguish rotten apples from one another by just looking at them.

Responsible – One has to be responsible if one doesn’t want to end up being like Voldemort. Why Voldemort, well because he didn’t use his magical knowledge responsibly. Teach your kids to be accountable for their deeds and be responsible in handling a situation.

Just the way stocks of Apple are at a high always, I cannot guarantee that teaching your kids these things will always keep them out of trouble.They are bound to make mistakes and that’s how they will learn. Then they have their parents who are like their annual returns, they will always benefit from them.

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