As I was nearing the end of a murder mystery novel which was extremely gripping…I was hoping that the murderer get’s sentenced to death but the book ended with the murderer going scott free and I sat there feeling hollow.I had a dull feeling sink into me because the book hadn’t ended the way I had expected it too!!
Through the day, my hubby,sensing my displeasure over the book and knowing how I love books,asked me to let it go…he said may be that’s how the author wanted it to be and that made me wonder!!

Have you ever wondered how we all want an ending to everything…like a closure to every chapter in our lives…we feel incomplete, disoriented rather if we dont attain closures on situations and relationships.

How we want everything connected….like dancing with a partner, like rains with long drives…summers with cool breeze …love stories with happy endings!! We try and be a living example of newton’s law, “every action has an equal and opposite reaction”.  We however, dont realise or contemplate that somethings are meant to have different endings..some paths juat cross each other and go different ways. Somethings/people just have a purpose in our life. Once their purpose is over,they move on! We just have to inculcate the learnings from our experiences with them in our lives and move on to the next chapter written for us.

We all wish for the usual,why can’t our wishes be unsual, why can’t our wishes be “no strings attached”wishes.

Like for example…why cant we wish to be the cloudy sky…for the world its dark but the sky knows that it has the moon/sun around it.

We wish to be someone’s light at the end of the tunnel,why cant we wish to be the road leading them to the light?

We wish to have no failures at all but without failures success has no meaning.The celebration would be meaningless.

Its about acceptance… about learning to let go!Its about being who you want to be!

The creator,created you to be Sui Generis(inimitable)…Be it

Explore,Think,Challenge Yourself. 

Be surprised at your vigor!!

Read this somewhere,👇

“One Day or Day One,You Decide”

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