A day in my technologically enslaved life!

Addiction involves craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use, and continuing involvement with it despite adverse consequences.

When we begin doing something,more often than not we know where we are headed.So here I was –

 Listening to a certain song on repeat! Glancing at the TV screen another moment and flipping through some channels with one side of the earphone,  taken off my ear and muting the idiot box, not even switching it off  because I have suddenly seem to lost interest in whats playing on the 40” screen in front of me!

Earphone back on my ear and I hit the play button on my phone, scrolling through insta stories (our day is sure incomplete without that) and then eventually liking and sharing some posts on FB.

How I wish I could marvel at my ability to multi task right now, alas! Reality just hit me and I realized that in the last one hour I had just become a slave to technology. Social Media was my master and I was doing everything it wanted me to!

Tsk Tsk…don’t get dismayed at yourselves now, after all social media is what we have left with us in this gen next era to maintain relations, don’t we?

And after subjecting myself to myriad guilt, I move my butt of the sofa chair,which is off a different shape now and walk towards the window, and what do I see? A mesmerizing shade of orange which is reflecting from the setting sun and I’m enthralled by its beauty.

And just when I was admiring this beautiful scene, I hear the doorbell ring; the gates of my palace open their arms to my toddler who is just back from his summer school.

My muchkin and I decide to share important aspects of our busy day (his day was busier than mine) over a bowl of cheese popcorn and reality number two strikes me again! In the last few days I have had technology take the best of me, I say so because I conveniently forgot that the next day is a Hawaiian theme day at his summer school.

So off we go to his cupboard and we rant through it and eventually settle down for a floral shirt and shorts. We also decide to buy some colorful streamers to go with his attire.

Yes we are done with shopping, dinner was fixed before I visited the sci-fi tech land (thank god for that).

So after dinner we have our routine story time and he’s off to sleep sooner than I realize it, and there is still some time remaining before I shut myself from the world for the day.

Yes technology is extremely important,it helps us get through the day(online shopping for necessities, orders over phone, quick chats with family and friends,organisers,reminders and the list could be really long)However,surrendering yourself to it when you could use it to harness your individual qualities and improve on your skills through some practice is not what I would suggest.

Being tech savvy is needed; it is of utmost importance to get you moving in at work, it could also be your means of livelihood but c’mon let’s give our poor eyes a break and flow with emotions and life for a change.

Its time you said “Ae zindagi gale laga le” zindagi tumhe gale lagane ke liye ruki hui hain,use thoda waqt toh do!

 A new energized me signing off for the day




7 thoughts on “A day in my technologically enslaved life!

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