Is Suicide the only way?

One searched for options on how to kill themselves while the other contemplated on how to jump of the bridge.

One of them decided on how to stay locked up in a room for days while the other wondered if ending his life was really the end of all problems!

Suicide could be the most common solution to bigger problems. To the person, these problems seem to engulf their life and leave them in despair. The person contemplating suicide thinks that once a person ends his/her lives, all problems will eventually vanish in thin air. They do not have the mental ability to think through their current situation.

The question that arises is, is suicide the only way to resolve all issues. Is ending your life the only escape from the worldly problems. Can these problems not be resolved?

Why does a person resort to suicide is something, you and I can never decode! A person may be driven to an extent where he/she looses their sanity to analyse a situation and is unable to live through it.

Then comes the part, where the world is to be happy to judge a person’s choices rather than offering support or at least listening to a person’s woes. We need to immediately stop judging a person’s decision because every individual, every god damn situation is different. Yes, you can offer support, yes you can offer advice but judging is a big no!!

There is one aspect that needs to be looked at and considered too. The person who is going through turmoil has to get their situation analysed by a professional. I remember running to my doctor when I felt the first few episodes of angst and anxiety!

A person needs to indulge in some me time and inculcate a hobby. A persons mind needs to unwind from the everyday hustle bustle and should break free from the monotony!

Another aspect is where a when someone confides in you, all you should do is listen. We are often tempted to give our view points, give advice’s and make the person feel that whatever they are going through is absolutely normal. That is where we commit most of our mistakes,  a person who is already locked up in shell of their own thoughts, doesn’t need another person’s view points on their struggle, all they need is a shoulder to lean on. It is this shoulder to lean on that needs to gradually become their arm of support and strength and lead them through darkness.

Here are few things that a you must do for a person who is tackling with the darkest moments of their life. 

  •  Look for change in their behavior and offer to talk to them. Do not offer help immediately. Just be their friend and let them spill it all out.
  • Suicidal tendencies can be short lived and if you find them in anyone, make them feel important
  • People who contemplate suicide are not being selfish, they lack self-worth, help them engage in activities that make them feel valued.
  • While it may seem almost impossible for someone to be involved in social activities, try and get them to engage with closed ones.
  • Be non-judgmental. The same shoe doesn’t fit everyone, so it’s best not to judge someone’s situation.
  • Get a medical practitioner involved and stick to the treatment.
  • You need to keep yourself involved in other activities too as helping someone cope with depression and anxiety can lead to frustration too.
  • Avoid extended access to the internet. Everything you see on social media is not real. Use books as your aid. Write down your thoughts.

There are times when the hopelessness you feel can be due to a situation that you cannot handle or due to illness. Whatever the case may be, communication is a strong aid and you must use it without worrying about people’s thoughts. Through continued assistance and help, you can get over these thoughts full of restlessness and work towards a more hopeful life.

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