3 things that helped me strike a chord with anxiety

My anxiety would often touch the roof! With overthinking accompanying it and me often forgetting about the important stuff, it had to be tackled.

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I know my thoughts are not a faucet that is switched on or off. Subsequently, I knew that I had to take action rather than just thinking about it. The deal between deciding and overthinking can be a real challenging one especially for an overthinker like me.

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The most important step

The first step to tackle this monster was accepting what was really happening and who I was becoming. I was literally being referred to as a far-sighted planet by most acquaintances. While experts have suggested that social media absence is a good thing. Yet, for someone who had been reasonably active on social media, my sudden disappearance did draw some attention. 

Thankfully, the chatterbox I am, I still was stocked up with multiple stories to narrate to my regular clan. The Gods of optimism continued to watch over me. They helped me pick up the shattered pieces of my confidence and mood.

Move away for a while

The second step to steer clear from this exhausting situation that drained me out of my energy. It was time to speak to people about how I felt. Being the people pleaser I am, it took me some effort to talk about what bothered me. I expressed how I had enough and could go on no more. Consequently, it shocked the hell out of a few, but at least I now had a big boulder off my chest.

Third step doesn’t have to be the last

The third step was to let my thoughts and feelings find an easy escape route and that had to be journaling and doodling. I realized every time I was anxious, angry, or overwhelmed, simply putting my thoughts into words helped. Doodling too helped me calm my nerves and I stopped myself from becoming like Uncle Scrooge.

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As a result of all this, identifying the power of positive thoughts over negative ones has helped me understand that my situation is sure to change. To be able to draw in positivity, communicating my feelings, focusing on my well-being, or seeking medical help, will help me get where I want

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Few more things that help

Additionally, listening to music while working, helped me calm my jittery deadline conscious nerves and assisted me to focus better. Warm baths at night and mindless chatting with the little human I created, worked wonderfully. Reading books helped me take my mind off things that weren’t within my control. Yes, I would be back to the reality of things, that was perfect on some days and some days, I just wanted to run, hide and escape from it. Yet, trials and errors with multiple things, at my own pace and at my own will, help me battle the demon of anxiety.

 don't worry be happy

I don’t say I don’t have anxiety anymore, or I have found my moment of calm, or anxiety has magically just vanished. None of the above, worked like the Felix Felicis as it did with Harry but I sure have been able to make friends with it. I know it will still visit me when it wants, but I dictate the terms now because my mind and body is my house, so you see, it’s my rules now!!

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