How does one find their moment of calm?

"Be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars, you have a right to be here." — Max Ehrmann

Everyone keeps talking about the moment of calm. We are all looking to find that moment of calm amidst the worldly chaos. All of us are not only running a race against time, we are also running a race against our own thoughts, wants and desires. The social media has taken over our lives like the dementors from Hogwarts. Our spells of happiness, positivity and determination somehow fail to bring bang the calmness to life.

Calmness is good for your body, mind, and soul. Make it a priority today, and don't let things get to you. Begin in the morning by finding a natural sense of calmness within you, and then resolve to maintain that experience as best you can throughout the day.

We often here advices about pausing and taking a moment to reflect. We are given truckloads of ideas to relax and indulge in some me time. However, seldom I wonder how does one find this moment of calm. Can you buy it off a store or is it like a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered?

Oh, how I wish finding this moment of calm was like a children’s story book. I would have been thrilled to have the good prevail over all the bad in the end. Conversely, it is not so easy to find that moment of calm in our everyday hustle. However, since the well-being of our mental and emotional health is imperative, it is significant to begin the quest of “the moment of calm”.

Through the years, I have had a brief battle with post-partum, lost a loved one, had a few scarred relationships and unsuccessful attempts at re-building my career. Juggled motherhood, freelancing and entrepreneurship. Eventually, I did find my moment of calm! Here is what I practiced.

Daily Calm Quotes | “Pause practice creates an open doorway to the sacredness of the place in which you find yourself.” — Pema Chodron


Daily Calm Quotes | "Cobwebs of mind are cleared with the meditation broom." — Swami Veda Bharati

Through regular practice, I have realized that meditation, helps calm my super paranoid nerves. Through meditation, it helps me tap on the thoughts that flow rapidly through my brain all the time. It helps me segregate the relevant thoughts from the irrelevant ones! Practice this for 10 to 15 mins every day. You can even include simple breathing exercises too.

Find a hobby.

I am a stay at home and work from home mom. Managing the home chores and following your passion is always not a cake walk. In between all the juggling we have to do as homemakers, it helps to find a hobby and pursue it. I love to draw and doodle. So, on days when I have to lift my mood, I begin doodling. I draw a lot of inspiration from Pinterest too. Find a hobby that helps you uplift your mood. It could be anything from drawing, dancing, singing, writing, stitching, anything!!

Follow your passion.

Daily Calm Quotes | "In any moment, we can find grounding in the breath." — Tamara Levitt

Seldom, in life, our responsibilities take over our passion. We begin considering our every day 9 to 5 job as our passion. Then there are days, when you realize your passion and your work is totally different. Try your best to convert your passion into your work and even if you can’t then ensure you take out time to follow your passion. My passion is writing and I have been happily giving it everything I can for the last 3 years.

Jot down your to-do list.

It always helps to write down your daily tasks and allot time to the tasks too. This way, you know when and how much time you will have for yourself. We often want to be over productive, fit everything in a day’s schedule. We do not realize, adding more than you can take your plate feels like stuffing in  that extra last morsel of food.

Read something.

The Best Book & Reading Memes – That Help Justify Your Love For Books – An Intentional Life

OK, when I say read something, do not go onto social media and read people’s posts. Social media sometimes can do more harm to your mental health than doing well. When, I say read, you could read a blog or a book. Reading books can help you reduce your stress levels and improve your self esteem too. There are multiple benefits attached to reading books on a daily basis.

Do not constantly seek an approval

Daily Calm Quotes | "Closure happens right after you accept that letting go and moving on is more important than projecting a fantasy of how the relationship could have been." — Sylvester McNutt

As human beings, we are constantly looking for an approval. We are constantly seeking approval and appreciation for things we do. While, we are doing this, we are lowering our self-esteem and adding to our stress. If you believe in yourself and the work you have done, you do not need to seek everyone’s approval always! Focus on your hard work, take advices for sure however don’t constantly seek consent.

Spend Time With People You Love.

Spending time with your loved ones. This could include simply being around them and not doing anything. I strongly believe spending time with your family and friends help to activate the happy hormones in our body and reduces your anxiety. The time you spend with your pets can be a great stress buster too!

Not everything is within your control.

We often want to correct or take charge of everything. It is natural for us to want to positively influence everything. We however, need to understand that not everything is withing our control. For example, this situation of the Pandemic is beyond our control. The things we can control or change are seldom limited.

"There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest. Use both and overlook neither." — Alan Cohen

Do nothing.

Sometimes doing nothing can be as rewarding as doing a million things. We are so used to doing something or the other all the time. Seldom, I find peace by doing nothing. Simply sitting by the window and sipping my favorite cuppa is what brings me closer to my moment of calm.

There is so much we are worried about right now. These times that we are living in are probably the very first for many of us. Finding solace and ensuring that our emotional health is stable, is important. It is not always easy to find your moment of calm among such varied moments of trial. You definitely try these things mentioned above to bring some calmness and happiness in your lives.

27 thoughts on “How does one find their moment of calm?

  1. That’s great. Yes, the lock down has got us to think more about not doing anything. I think that’s needed too.
    It’s great that as a motivational coach, you approve of my thoughts 🙂

  2. That is lovely.We often relate kids to causing mayhem but they help us find love and peace in the most simplest of ways.
    I like listening to music too, singing is not my cup of tea 🙁

  3. I totally understand, sometimes doing nothing is equally rewarding and comforting as doing something.

  4. Doing nothing does actually help sometimes!! It just helps you bring your focus at one place. Other tips are also very helpful. Wil try them as with kids and lockdown it has become overwhelming!

  5. I love reading such posts. It feels like I tell myself mentally- that I must sit back and relax. The pictures and text on them make so much sense. Thank you!

  6. Very helpful tips, my moment of calm is meditation, and I love love singing songs ,It gives me peace nothing other can ,besides this my daughter is my happy place, they say a child’s laugh can take your biggest pains away..I say it’s true.

  7. The points you have penned down is absolutely correct. I m a motivational coach too !! sometimes people ask me ( the LAST point you have mentioned ) what we will do if we do nothing ?
    Sometimes doing nothing is everything. That little amount of time you give yourself is worth investing.

  8. Finding a hobby is so much important. You know when I am angry, sad, happy or just anything I cook. That’s my way of keeping calm. Lots of great tips shared Sabiha!

  9. Thank you.Reading has been a game changer for me too.Reading and writing calms me down instantly too.In terms of seeking approval, remember you can sometimes not change things that are within your own control take life as it comes and your own happiness is vital too

  10. Thank you.You can definitely try videos meant for learners on youtube.All the best dear.

  11. Thank you so very much Samidha for your wonderful feedback.I am really humbled by you investing so much thought in my blog.Thanks a million.I absolutely agree to each and every word you mentioned and I must say that you are one optimistic and humble soul.Thank you again.

  12. Absolutelty, disconnecting from gadgets helps to calm down our overactive minds for sure.

  13. Thank you Mayura.I too have been through a phase where I have been a people pleaser and hence it was important for me to talk about it.Thank you for your motivation.

  14. Seeking constant approval – I guess it stems from the fact that as kids we were told reinforced positively whenever we did something that was socially acceptable. We grew up as people who constantly sought approval from everyone around us. I am so glad you brought up this point among the others in this blog post. This is a fantastic post, keep up the good work. Keep writing and spreading positivity.

  15. Taking a sleep definitely helps me a lot. I listen to music everytime I wanna relax myself. Just prefer to switch off phone and lie down on bed silently.

  16. Dear Sabiha,

    There are a lot of things I want to share with you via comment –
    1. Your blog page looks very clean and simple. keep it like this.
    2. You have penned down so genuine thoughts and very much relatable.
    3. I agree that whatever things happen to us, we do not control over them, but what we can do is to act accordingly. Neither we should overreact nor underreact…
    4. Lastly, life is something which should be move on, no matter how much stress it is giving to us. Calmness and positivity is only the key to success.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  17. Really dear, we all moms going through this unending phase. Love your all tips. I want to do meditation but not able to do that. Surely going to learn.

  18. This is really helpful and I can swear by the point which says READING! Reading just instantly calms me down and now I know I need to focus on the other few points as well! (NOT SEEKING APPROVAL) I’m working on it 😅

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