Hair Care during monsoon the easy way!

The weather forecast team has predicted heavy rainfall in Mumbai. Along with the Covid, the rainfall has seemed to cause havoc everywhere too. Amidst these bigger world problem, one thing that gets impacted during this weather is my haircare. Whether your hair is oily, dry or frizzy, monsoon impact everyone’s hair.  I have never followed any exquisite instruction for hair care except for oiling, hair masks and washing them.

Did you know that besides, oiling, masks, washing your hair and your diet, there are other things involved in hair care too? Every changing weather not only impacts your mood and skin, it impacts your hair too. For centuries we have been reminded about the benefits of oiling our hair. However, based on our weather conditions, how long you keep that oil on for also matters!!

Constant drenching in the monsoon and high levels of humidity spell bad news for your mane. There is a possibility that you might fall prey to a number of scalp problems and bad hair days.

Experiencing post-partum hair fall is common. It becomes a thing for constant worry, when the hair fall doesn’t seem to cease even after six years of post-partum. I have taken medicines, made changes to my diet (read inconsistent changes) and finally succumbed to the habit of practicing good hair care. You need to make internal (read diet) and external ( read application of products) changes for good hair health. Here are some tried, tested and researched ways of hair care that are to benefit everyone.

Oiling your hair

Is Oiling Good for the Hair?

Your hair could get naturally oily however your hair does need moisturisation too. Different oils like almond, coconut and argan tend to moisturize your hair better than other oils. You can warm it a little before applying. During monsoons you just need to leave on the oil for maximum 2 hours and then wash them off. You can even prepare this hair oil at home which is made with the goodness of curry leaves and onion. Curry leaves are known to have beta-carotene, proteins and other essentials that help ease hair loss Additionally they contain anti-oxidants and amino acids too. . A tip that my mother in law follows is, much on a few raw curry leaves every day!

Hair Masks

How to Use a Hair Mask: A Step-by-Step Guide and DIY Recipes

We all know that the humidity of the monsoon weather impacts our hair and hair care routines too. Problems like frizzy hair and dandruff are on the rise during the rainy season.Masking your hair once a week helps in maintaining good hair health! Always remember to pat dry your hair every time your hair gets wet in the rain. Ensure you wash your hair regularly to keep your scalp dirt free. Rain water tends to have bacteria and other unwanted particles. Always use conditioner for your hair. People with colored hair should wet their hair slightly and apply some conditioner, in case they plan on stepping out in the rain. You can use these hair masks for some TLC and hair care.

Wrap up you hair for better care

Gather hair around the top and sides of your head and fasten them into a half ponytail. Turn it around to make a bun and wrap a pretty silk scarf in your hair.  #Scarfinhair  #Hairstyle  #Women

It is always advisable to tie your hair up or keep them covered when you step out in the rain. This makes sure that is there is minimal moisture reaching the hair. I usually try and keep my head covered whenever I am stepping out. Whilst I am at home during this quarantine, I let my hair dry naturally instead of exposing it to any heat.


Healthy Diet and Nutrition Plan for This Monsoon

It constitutes a major part of your being. Right from health, to skin, to feeling good to hair care! Diet is the master of everything. Make sure you include adequate fruits and vegetables in your diet. I am definitely tempted and drawn towards the junk, thanks to the weather. However, I try and limit it and also make sure to exercise. Ensure you drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Monsoon is the season to eat all the vegetables you dislike. So, for good hair care and health, it’s time to eat, lauki, karela, tinda, parwal etc. I love to include seasonal fruits like apple, plums, cherries in my diet too. Besides, having a child who loves these fruits, is a win-win situation for us.

Check for deficiencies

Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Signs to add more foods to your diet include  hair loss |

If you have a medical deficiency, you loose hair too. It is best to take medical advice and guidance to cure the deficiency. Studies say that a deficiency of Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B7 tend to cause hair fall. Look at obtaining these vitamins through natural food sources too.

While, we all enjoy the melancholy of monsoon, we definitely do not want rains to be spoilsport. Considering, we are all in a lock down, we can use this time to focus on hair care and our health too. Trying these simple and easy to do things is not difficult either. These doable things definitely ensure good hair health.

28 thoughts on “Hair Care during monsoon the easy way!

  1. Leaving hair oil for long can make your hair greasy.It also depends on the weather and your hair texture.

  2. Samidha..Thank you!! I have always tried home made hair masks that involve either egg, curd, banana, honey, orange juice, olive oil and other such ingredients.I have however heard great reviews for mamaearth, you may want to check that 😊

  3. You are welcome.I am glad you found these tips helpful.My hair gets greasy too often in monsoons

  4. I am glad you found them helpful.Hairfall drives me crazy too and indeed onion juice works wonders

  5. Tie your hair when you are out or doing some cleaning or dusting work.You can definitely keep them loose in intervals too.

  6. You are welcome.Simple home made maska are really helpful and easy to prepare do ask them to try 😊

  7. Oh I feel you.Post-partum and dandruff had made my hairfall worse.However, some of these tips and consistency has helped.Diet, indeed is extremely relevant.

  8. Yes, a lot of ideas recommended by our moms and grandmoms are coming to our help now.

  9. Thanks for this it’s super helpful. I have been facing a lot of hair fall offlate. I oil my hair in the morning 2 to 3 hrs before I wash it off.

  10. I’m facing postpartum hairfall issues these days. Wil definitely make the curry leaves and onion with coconut oil. Munching on leaves is something my Mom recommends too!

  11. Very helpful tips. The band of nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B7 rich in fruits and veggies, etc. Experiencing post-partum hair fall is common. But, I have always had massive hair fall due to dandruff 🙁

  12. My Wife & daughter do oiling but never applies mask. Now my wife & daughter will get to know how to fix their frizzy hair in this monsoon. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  13. Girl! I was in need to read this. And yes, post delivery hair fall is serious! It drives us crazy! And what works for me is, onion juice. And that’s for the ideas. Would try to follow.

  14. Hey Samidha, Thank you.
    I usually use homemade masks. There is less worry of anything going wrong.

  15. Hey…this article was so helpful….my hair is so greasy during all of monsoons and now I know how to fix that by caring for my hair! Thank you 😊

  16. Awesome Blog post, Sabiha. It was informative and helpful. I am planning to buy a good hair mask for my oily scalp. Is there any specific brand or product that your vouch for..?? Ant=y recommendations will be of great help.


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