Things I do when I wake up in the morning.

I have never been a morning person. I find it really tough to wake up early in the morning. However, I understand and concur with the benefits that waking up early has! As a child too, I could easily burn the midnight oil rather than to wake up early in the morning. Conversely through my adulting journey, I have been forced to accept morning rituals as a better path to healthy lifestyle. It is said, experience speaks volumes, hence here are few things you can try to make your mornings happier. I try and follow them in particular order. However, these are few things, I practice when I wake up early in order to have brighter mornings.

Warm Water

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Our body is 70% water and that is a fact. Over the years, through medical guidance, I have realized that having warm water empty stomach has multiple benefits for your health. Having a glass full of warm water after I wake up is something, I have been practicing for a while now.You can even have infused water after you wake up.

Get some stretching done

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Pains, aches and cramps have been a constant companion for a while now. I have been practicing yoga for a while now to help me get rid of these troubles. Hence, one of the few things that I do when I wake up in the morning is to stretch. There are so many stretching exercises and yoga asanas that one can do even while they are in the bed. According to studies, doing this, improves your blood flow and wakes up your mind and body too. To add to that, I would suggest consult someone before you begin them on your own. Basic stretches are something that you can practice easily

Grabbing a bite

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Breakfast and that too a decent breakfast is what I am used to as a kid. Even before I have my morning cuppa of energy, I need to eat something. You can choose to eat soaked raisins, almonds or a banana as suggested by the famous nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Maintain a daily journal

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Maintaining a morning journal or a writing down your tasks for the day can help you stay on track. I usually write down my tasks for the next day, a day before. When I wake up in the morning and I am done with my water and stretches, I refer to my written secrets. Planning your day or writing down about your day, helps you stay focused. Incase, something unplanned comes up too, it helps you handle that easily as well.

Speak to your loved ones

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I have definitely woken up cranky and irritable. Earlier, if I had to wake up early in the morning, my moods would have a little party of their own. However, I have come to realise that morning cuddles, happy conversations with the family and little humour helps always. Starting your day on a positive, happy note always helps keeping your mood in check.

Dress Β Up

Our outfit combinations with a casual dress will totally change your manner of dressing up. Get inspiration for your next shopping.

The lock down has taught me that dressing up can be real fun even when you are at home.Dressing up and even going to the extent of putting some make up on can help lift your spirits. A boring, dull Monday morning can be vibrant if you put on some great outfits, say some instagrammers.

Morning rituals when practiced consistently can be really easy to follow. It always helps to prep a day in advance. Involve the Familia too. What does your morning ritual look like?  If there something you follow when you wake up in morning? Do leave a comment.

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