Best lessons from parenting that can make you happy too

Parenting is indeed a life changing journey. I mean besides your struggle to get a good sleep and a little human poking your sides, everything else changes. There are so many lessons you pick up while being a parent. For example, you learn to tread on dark waters carefully because you never know which toy or which piece of Lego will jab your foot. You rarely enjoy the sound of music because the blaring sounds of, ‘Mumma and Dadda” all day long supersede any sound. Unlike your zoom calls, these are sounds you cannot even mute even when they are asleep. However, your contingency plans are at par with the plans of some great risk management companies. Eventually all great leaderships face challenges and in case of parenting, it is the sickness of your child. Have a sick child and mostly your empire of power and rules, comes toppling down. Conversely, the love and pleasure one derives out of parenting, tops the mayhem that parenting brings with it.

Because laughing is better than crying.

The lockdown has given me immense time to pause and reflect on my everyday habits. It has given me the opportunity to muse over my parenting journey and recreate memories. Here are some of my best lessons from parenting.

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Love unconditionally

Yes, you will receive hugs and cuddles in abundance when your child want’s something. However, you are to receive hugs and kisses even when you have a messy hair bun and are dressed in a 2-day old PJs. Children teach you to love unconditionally. They have a “love without any barriers” rule. They love you for the person you are and teach you to practice the same with others around you. Loving without expectations and barriers is indeed the best lesson I have learnt from Parenting.

Forgive easily

How to Talk to Your Kids about Forgiveness

As a parent you will have to have oodles of patience and forgiveness. You will rarely be able to stay upset or angry at the cutest smile they flash. The occasional crocodile tears will melt your heart. Yet, children are the most forgiving. They know, no malice and don’t hold grudges and hence they forgive easily. I have practiced accepting my faults with my little one. I need my little one to understand that even the smartest and bravest people have to accept their faults. Also, we all know saying sorry is the easiest way to learn from and accept your mistakes. Additionally, even if you don’t have someone singing sorry to you, you must say it like you mean it.

Time is the best investment while parenting.

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Everything needs time and care to nurture. Time is the best investment you can make for your kids. We are often and always running a race against time. We have our own struggles when it comes to parenting and managing other chores. However, a little undivided attention and time everyday with your child, can go a long way. No matter how busy my day is, I ensure I spend at least 15 minutes with my little lad every day. We talk about our day; we talk about our silly and happy moments. I even try and plan for the next day. Each parent has a different story going on in their lives, hence one must decide how they plan to spend time with their child. One advice , I always follow is too keep my gadgets away when I am spending time with him.

Communication is the key

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When people talk, listen completely. Most people never listen”, said Ernest Hemingway. I have time and again stressed over the importance of communication. I have always believed that, whether it’s your personal life, social life, official life or your ingenious parenting journey, communication is everything. Communication is the key to all the secret passaways. However, seldom, people do not listen, they only hear. When you are communicating ensure you are doing so, with your eyes and ears open. Your body language speaks volumes too. Do not ever be judgemental when you are speaking to your child. If you have to express an opinion, express it only from your point of view.

In my opinion, Parenting is a continuous journey and you never stop learning. It is a perfect example of, “to each its own”. I may spend days, pulling my hair and screaming at the top of my voice however I still, strongly believe in giving these little humans a little more credit than they deserve. Parenting is a big roller coaster ride that guarantees fun without a doubt. It will also knock you out of your senses and leave you with immense nausea in literal terms. However, it’s a ride most of us want to try with a village by our side.

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