Your child falling sick more than few times, could be normal!

As a parent, my biggest worry is the health of my child. It gets worse when my child is falling sick more often than other kids. I have always believed in the fact that every child is different and each child has a different immune system. However, I become a frantic parent as soon as he is under the weather. I make sure to always balance healthy food with junk and take all necessary precaution too. Ye, as soon as the weather decides to play peek-a-boo, my child is falling sick. Did you know that your child falling sick more often than you would want him/her too, is categorised as normal?

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The immune system of children is being built and developed over time. They are battling with all the viruses and bacteria for the first time in their life-time. Then suddenly, when your child is falling sick multiple times, you begin to wonder how and why the immune system is different for your child?

I remember asking my paediatrician how many bouts of cold or cough was normal for my child? It was only after I changed the paediatrician and an upper respiratory allergy was discovered for my little one, I had some insights.

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As per my doctors, if your child is falling sick with cold about 5 to 6 times a year, its normal and it’s definitely average.  Some say that having a cold more than those many times is normal too given our weather conditions and individual immunity.

When to worry

Seldom, my little one’s cold was accompanied by fever. Even if the fever decided to pay us a visit, if would go off in a day or so. The doctor then mentioned that if the cold is accompanied with fever for 5 days or more, it’s a reason to worry. On a personal level, I would suggest, always get a routine done at the onset of cold and fever. It helps you start the right medication and also keeps your sanity under control.  Also, when your child is sick or falling sick, avoid mixing too many home remedies too.

What can you do

Make sure your child’s diet is adequate? Included fruits and veggies. If your child is breastfed or formula fed, make sure they have good intake of liquids. Elevate your child while laying down to help with the breathing. Avoid smoke and dust of any kind, around the child. Avoid perfumes, nail paints, anything with a strong smell. Try the hot shower remedy to help free the airway. Always take guidance from your medical practitioner.

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Cold and cough are two ailments that are extremely common in children and adults. We often look at easy cures to battle the common fever too. The chances of a premature child or a child with respiratory illness to contract these ailments is higher. The stages of cough in your child could differ. What may seem like normal flu like symptom can sometimes lead to other ailments like croup, strep throat etc. As per homeopathy medicine too, treating cough with over the counter medicine is not advisable. One mild episode in a year is what is considered normal.

When to worry

When cough is accompanied with congestion or a fever, it is always advisable to visit the doctor. Along with cough if your child is having the slightest difficulty while breathing, it is a reason to worry. Sometimes a cough can take days to cure and a change of medications may also be needed.

What can you do

As parents, you must take proper precaution and treatment in case of cough. Cough usually begins with mild symptoms of a dry or an itchy throat. Having warm water and hot water gargles can help if the child is older. Use a humidifier or a nebulizer as prescribed by the doctor. In all cases, avoid sugary and oily food. Have food enriched with vitamin C and have warm foods. If you are breastfeeding your child, breast feed often, in an alleviated position. If you child is formula fed, ensure you little one has enough intake of liquids. Also, over the time ensure you build your child’s immunity through outdoor play. Too much of cleanliness can also lead to your child falling sick. Make sure you maintain adequate hygiene as often as possible as parent.

We tend to get worried instantly when we have a sick child however it relieved me to know that sometimes, it just normal for my child to be sick.

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