5 positive affirmations to use with kids.

The entire world is all about positivity and positive affirmations. In these difficult times, we are all hanging onto a little rope of optimism. We are constantly reminding ourselves to use happy, encouraging and helpful worlds in our conversations. Over the time, we have seen relationships thrive basis the simple use of positive affirmations. When it comes to kids, I strongly believe in using easy and constructive sentences when communicating with them. There are many books written and spoken about, that lay importance on how we should talk to our kids. I personally believe that kids need a very less tact and a lot of love when we talk to them.


As adults and parents, who are constantly in a balancing act of many chores and responsibilities, we may not always be happy. There are days and moments when, leave alone talking positively, we may not even be in a mood to speak to someone. Yet, our little souls are too young to understand the periphery of these worldly things. They always will need someone to give them directions, to answer their questions, or simply someone to talk to them. As parents, it becomes vital for us to watch our words often and use as many positive affirmations as we can 😊

We all need a little push here and a little support there to lean on. Who doesn’t like to hear happy things? Things that make you believe in the sunshine and magic while making everything beautiful. In reality, while we cannot make everything beautiful every day, we can at least make them better!!

We Need to Encourage Failure in Our Kids - Homeschool Here
We Need to Encourage Failure in Our Kids - Homeschool Here

In order to make things better, I am listing down some simple positive affirmations you can use when speaking to your kids.

You are amazing

Every time, I see my child practicing, positive and happy behaviour, I appreciate it. Every time, he thinks, he hasn’t tried enough, I tell him, he is amazing and doing really well. While, we do not want are children to turn snobbish or turn into brats, we want them to believe in themselves. Tell your kids, they are amazing!! They need to believe in themselves and believe that are getting better every day.

It’s ok to make mistakes

As adults and even as kids sometimes, we are so hung up on being perfectionists. While, it’s great to excel at something, failure shouldn’t make you feel horrible about yourself. So, the next time, your child cannot give his/her best to something, tell them, it’s ok! Tell them, it’s ok to fail and make mistakes. I often tell my child how I erred and then learnt from my mistakes. Yes, the tricky part is not let them repeat the same mistakes again on the pretext of they trying to learn, LOL!

You are surrounded by people who love you

Kids often turn to adults for comfort. Whether it’s their first failure or first heat break, they will come to you. Hence, you need to constantly let them know that they have and will always have people who love them and care for them.

You are confident and a great learner

Rome. Wasn’t built in a day!   It is natural and normal for your child to spoil something a few times, before they learn to do it the right way. Keep reminding your children to put their mind and focus to what they do. Every time, my son tried to paint (which doesn’t come easily to him) I simply tell him to do it the way he wants. I ask him to be confident and not worry about doing it wrong. He has learnt from his parents that practice is what you need to be perfect.

You are in charge of your own happiness

This may sound cliché because we are reliant on so many things and people for happiness and entertainment. However, we need to tell our kids that they are the ones who control the epitome of their happiness. I tell my son that he is free to express whatever emotion he wants too however what other’s say to him shouldn’t affect his happy state of mind.

I say this pretty often that the lockdown has given us more time that we would want to spend with our families. This is good time to practice doing all the things you wanted to. There are many more positive affirmations that you can use with your kids daily. The idea is to inculcate a positive mindset in them. These statements, help your little ones to be confident, self-reliant and to believe in themselves.

You can even draw out these positive affirmations or get your kids to do some craft and add these positive affirmations to them. Stick them on a wall or the fridge. You could even DIY old t-shirts with some happy and positive quotes too

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  1. I fail to understand why affirmations are looked down upon. There are so many success stories around the world about the wonders of affirmations

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