Just when it was coming along, the relationship ended!

Relationships are heart-warming, beautiful and yet overwhelming. They warm up your soul like no other but when a relationship ends, it tears you apart. It shatters your goals and dreams into pieces so small that sometimes, its tough to rebuild the relationship again.

Just when I thought that my dreams would materialize and I would soar high, the relationship ended. I gave it my time, energy and efforts and yet it wasn’t enough. I don’t deny my fault, I did err but it wasn’t something that couldn’t be handled. However, the relationship was called off. No warnings, no hints, no communication. It just ended!! My 10 month old relationship with my first ever and my only website ended!!

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Truth about the relationship be told!!

Yes, after three years of toiling with a WordPress blog, I had the opportunity of having my own website. When I first met the person who was to develop my website and get me a domain, I must admit I was completely swept off my feet. I was amazed at what wonderful things technology was capable off! Just as in a relationship, there was equal effort from both sides. To think of it, I always devoted more time and energy. Would use to get worried about it’s well being ( read worry about website server being down)

I had entered a verbal agreement with someone to deliver a certain amount of blogs every month, which I missed on two occasions and the website went kaput! My saga, draws references from how relationships require effort, time and energy. A relationship is always a mutual, verbal connection but never a written agreement, except in case of a marriage or a business!

Here I was, crying buckets on the shoulder of my partner, who has time and again proved to be my soulmate about this relationship going awry! I had invested more than just time in it. My work spoke volumes about my sheer dedication and passion.

Optimism and Patience is the key


As someone who thrives on optimism and despite being as clumsy as a bear, I chose to be calm as the summer sea. Despite battling separation anxiety ,I knew just like relationships, a website could be built again. I was clueless about how to showcase my work when I was getting offers to write. It was similar to the society burdening you with questions about your relationship. I knew I had to hold my fort together, not just for myself but for the sake of my own capability and sanity.

I knew despite my urge to write, my mind needed some time to recover.

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In a relationship, you loose the other person but you still have yourself, I too had my domain with me. All my work was still with me! Now all I had to do was to look for someone who would help me build it again.

Forming a new relationship….right from scratch!!

Going through the process of rebuilding a website was nothing less than getting into a new relationship. It was tough, I was full of apprehension and wasn’t easy to please either! It took a lot of meetings, discussions, mood swings. After waddling through a pool of emotions and WhatsApp messages, I finally agreed into a relationship………………………..and built a new website.


It’s been two months, since my website domain was moved to a new server and I haven’t been able to devote time to it as much. I have other commitments and my blog site has taken a back seat. However, I know this relationship of mine will last. It’s something I chose to lay my trust in after learning from my past experiences. This experience has taught me a few lessons and I can’t not share it with you!!

Seven most important things that will make your relationship stronger and last forever

  • Be a good team player
  • Learn to forgive and accept
  • Adapt to each other
  • Respect space and time
  • Look for solutions
  • Support each other
  • Communicate

This relationship that I have now may not be perfect but it is based on honesty, communication and trust and so should all your relationships be!!

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