Your mind needs to stay calm, here is how you can do it.

Over the generations we have focused on how we look and dress. It is amidst the changing times are we forced to look at our inner strength and our mind. We are all pushed towards finding solitude. Without a doubt we are all fighters in our own way ,when it comes to handling situations!!  We grimace through pain and celebrate our joys and victories.

Some of us often let our thoughts sway and mull over what is and what could have been. Our thoughts and reactions to the present, past and future often impacts our life balance too. Our thoughts have always known to have an impact on our health and well-being. We are often told, “It’s all in your mind” Our brain is scientifically known to regulate our body functions but have we ever shown specific care to our brain.

Well, how are we supposed to show specific care to our brain? I mean there is no gratification post I could make on social media about it? I can only thank my entire being to be able to live this life and being able to give it my best. Yet, there are few things that we can do to ensure our minds stay full of optimism and happiness!

Our relationships, our health, the weather, it all happens to impact our lives and our minds in ways less known to us. We all have certain aims and aspirations that we want to fulfill and it is our brains that drives us to do it.There are somethings in our life that are beyond our control but with a healthy lifestyle and imbibing certain positive habits can help us become better versions of ourselves.

A good diet leads to good health

Your diet – Often without realizing we take to over eating or skipping our meals when battling stress or anxiety. We need to keep in mind that there are certain foods that have a calming effect on our mind. We are unknowingly disturbing our body and mind’s balance by almost messing up our nutritional intake. Foods like chamomile, dark chocolates, eggs, yogurt, turmeric etc are known to have a calming effect on your mind and body

Exercise your way through the lock down

The best way to feel the blood rush in your head is to exercise and the simplest form of exercise can be brisk walking. Exercising has known to release the hormone endorphin, which acts as a mood booster. It stimulates your brain by increasing the blood flow to your brain.This eventually helps in keeping our minds healthy and kicking.

Acceptance is the key

Acceptance of your current situation – There is no running away from the situation. Agreed it is always easier said than done.However acceptance of your situation is as good as tackling the situation. Once you know what your situation is, only then can you muster up courage and strength to deal with it.Additionally,y then would doors of solutions and ideas swing open for you.This in turn would you keep your mind calm and sane.

Meditation – For your brain to stay healthy and for you to find your calm. You need to make sure that you stop, breathe and meditate. Meditation helps you break away from the thoughts that make you anxious. It helps you focus on what makes you happy and helps you rewind as well.

Keep yourself busy

Engage yourself well – We all like to stay connected and involved. Engagement in our lives is not just restricted to our social media accounts, we look at personal engagements too. We long company and being secluded can make most of us feel low. However, we need to re-look at our connections and relations. We need to learn to gradually move away from what distracts us. We need to be able to practice habits that keep us happy and help us to add value to ourselves.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep

Sleep – The famous nutritionist and health experts also advise you to concentrate on getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep helps you restore and make you energetic. A good night’s sleep not only adds to your productivity but also adds as mood lifter.

Just the way your body needs rest your mind needs rest too. We cannot work towards improving our mental health if our mind is not calm. Following these steps should help you take care of your mind along with taking care of your body. It is only when you mind is at rest, will it be able to accumulate and act on what is necessary.

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