How to take care of your skin during lock down?

With my face almost a shade of yellow, I sit wondering how time is passing by so quickly. These times of lock down and quarantine are definitely worrisome however is giving almost every family much needed time together.More family time means more time finishing the chores and less time for your own self.Even lesser time on self care and skin care. Often, I am reading posts and articles about how this time is not necessarily to learn something new but more a time of togetherness and self-care.

The yellow color of my skin is thankfully not because of an ailment but because I decided to not let my health and skin care get locked down. I recently laid my hands on how to incorporate some waste for skin care. I stumbled upon this great tip by this overdose of cuteness, Paras Tomar. Yes the Instagram heart throb who manages to share his nuskhas with such finesse. This tip involves turning strained tea leaves, besan (gram flour) and haldi (turmeric) into a face pack. You are required to leave it on for about 30 mins and wash it off with cold water.

Such an easy way to keep your skin looking young and get rid of the tan and blemishes. Well, I am confident this work for my partially oil skin, sensitive skin because I have realized over the years how nothing harsh of full of chemicals works on it. I need something soft and gentle to soothe it, the way I need something placid to soothe my soul.

Face Masks and Packs

So while I know that I needn’t add more oils to my already oil T-Zone ( Forehead, nose and chin) and to reduce it shinning brighter than the sun, I need ingredients like honey, egg white, clay, tomatoes, aloe Vera to take care of the shine. I also need to ensure that I clean my face with a cleanser twice a day and moisturize it. The ingredient mentioned above needn’t be used in the same order or together because some of these ingredients like tomatoes remove the dead skin while honey is naturally anti-bacterial.

Oatmeal is great not just for fat control and nutrition, it serves as great scrub for oily skin too. It is naturally anti-inflammatory so it simply helps to calm the skin.

Would you believe it, if I told you that the forever magical spell of aloe vera doesn’t work on my skin? I too was left flabbergasted when I realized that I could never use this magic potion on my skin however for almost all skin types, aloe vera works as a soothing agent.

Egg whites are as good protein for your body as they are for your skin. Besides keeping people at bay with that egg smell, egg white also help keep the wrinkles at bay.

What could make your skin oily?

There are so many hidden treasures in your kitchen that come to your aid to tend to your oily skin. Oily skin can be a result of age, PMS, humidity, heat too. Keep your diet in check too. Eat food that hydrates and that is healthy because excess of anything, especially unhealthy food can cause not just your body harm but will also show effects on your skin.

Taking care of your skin will involve a little more caution and care and hence it is always advisable to get a list of to-do’s and don’t from your dermatologist as well.Eating well is your best bet. Read here why

Sleep regulates everything in your body in the best way possible hence, good food, sufficient hours of sleep and little extra time for your skin care is what you need in these times of lock down and even beyond.

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