5 things that the lock down times have taught me

I absolutely agree that, times of lock down are indeed tapping at the best versions of ourselves. We must pat our backs and applaud ourselves at how we are giving it a tough fight. Almost all of us are asked to stay indoors and most of our social activities have been cut down. It seems like these difficult times lack certainty. We are all used to knowing beforehand what is going to happen next. I would previously take immense pride in being able to have a grip over mine and family’s plans .Most of us take immense pride in being excellent at planning and organizing. Additionally these times definitely appear to us as lull and can be drab sometimes.

Β I definitely agree that I too have whimpered and thrown a tantrum over not being able to step out. It was a peaceful moment when I finally concluded that, the less my emotions engulf me, the better it is. As a family we decided to take life as it came. I realized that reminders of the current situation were not helping either!!Β  The situation outside our homes is indeed stressful and dangerous. The best part about this is, that at least we are atleast confined in our safe zones. I still had access to my every items of comfort and even some items of luxury.

I have always believed and propagated this thought that, every situation in our lives leaves us with a experience, a lesson! Amongst everything I have learnt in this phase, these 5 things are to be noted.

Lock down time with family

Enjoy Time With FamilyWE are all spending time indoors with only our family to rescue. Let us all cherish this time with family. There are some of us that are getting to spend all of our time at home after months or some even after years. I am sure for working parents this time is challenging however also equally rewarding. They are getting time to spend with their family after long. Kids are getting to interact more with family and its amazing to see the burst of creativity and fun amongst everyone.

Self Care Is Important

Take Care Of Yourself – This, yes this is your time to pamper yourself. Invest in your health. Invest in self-care. We sure our spending our time working from home and for home too.we still have some time left on our hands. Most of us are able to save on our travel time, grocery shopping time and time we would have otherwise spent outdoors. You can use this time to, take care of your skin, your hair, your own self. Spend some time reading, listening to music and writing, exercising, dancing or simply sipping some tea/coffee alone by the window.

Teach Kids Something New

Teach children different virtues – These times are toughest for the children and they are emerging as strong warriors indeed. You can teach your kids a few virtues using these times as an example. Teach them gratitude for what you all have as a family. They are definitely being resilient. Their schedules may lack discipline sometimes but for their age they are still obeying everything you ask them to do. Use these times to involve them in home chores. Use words of appreciation and positivity for your kids so they know, tough times sometimes require you to be gentle along with being.

Let Nature heal in this lock down time

The world belongs to birds and animals as much it does to humans – The lock down has probably taught us humans the biggest lessons of our lifetimes. The nature now rightfully has what is theirs.The cutting down of tree to start with,Then the polluting of water and the increase in air pollution. We have definitely misused the god gifted things to a measure beyond repair. These times of lock down are probably to reflect and repair. The lock down is making the skies clearer, air purer and making the water sparkle. We can see animals taking to streets and see snow clad mountains from our terraces. We hear the melancholy of the birds all day long. Let these times be a constant reminder that we need to pass on these god gifted things to the next generation and we need to use it wisely.

Taught me about planning – Whether it was learning to plan a contingency was whether it was planning meals. I spent half my day sorting out activities for my little one and myself.I may have pondered over my financial status or planned a little about my wealth or my own physical health. These times have taught us to plan and act. This phase of lock down has surely given us enough time to ponder over things that otherwise were being procrastinated. It’s given all of us enough time to plan about our personal and professional lives. I am confident that we definitely thought and listed down things we will do when this gets better.

This time, the world indeed is in it together and each of us has gathered our share of lessons. The time to implement them is now. In a very long time, it has happened that humans can only control things within the circumference of their homes. These times will pass and hopefully we will emerge stronger. Till then, stay safe and calm.

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  1. Superb Articles.. Penned down so beautifully giving utmost importance even to the smaller things in life which we do not cherish or value…

    Keep writing and spreading the message.. God bless and Best wishes..

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