Important Life Skills I learnt in Quarantine.

If I were to gather all the life skills I apparently thought of learning in this lock down period, a book could be published on it.Additionally if I had to pile up all my thoughts, I could easily become an intern to the mentalist. The worry lies in the fact that these thoughts visit me,when I am comfortably tucked into a blanket.

Indeed, I am thankful for these times that despite all the chaos and fear surrounding us. We are and happy in our space. All of us are grateful for getting to spend time with family. Importantly,blessed to be able to enjoy a gracious meal often. Then there are lifeskills that I have obviously mastered. Firstly, I want you to know, these skills have been carefully picked by me. Incase any one else bears resemblance to acquiring these life skills, it would just be coincidental.

Life skill of being flexible

Killing mosquitoes that are able to dodge the naked eye – I had once heard that the Covid-19 virus doesn’t survive in hot temperatures, I however wonder how the mosquitoes survive the hot and humid weather. I am sure there is some science behind it too. These quarantine times have made me the master of this skill where I can get into every nook and corner while looking for mosquitoes. The mosquito racket in my hand knows very well by now, the task it is to accomplish.My attention to detail and ability to examine has been applaud worthy.

The cooking marathon skill

Dissecting food recipes – Another thing worth mentioning is my skill of lying awake in bed when almost half the world sleeps. I lie awake looking at food recipes and ideas, planning next day’s meal course. The most surprising part is, that even after browsing so many recipes, liking and saving posts on instagram and facebook, I end up making the humble daal – rice and sabji.

Learning life skill of keeping fear at bay

Being successful at keeping FOMO at bay – I every day transpire about the many tasks I have to accomplish. One of these tasks includes calling up family and chatting about every day meals to make. Discuss every day tasks to do and crib over the continuous cooking marathon.The finally feeling satisfied that all of us are doing the same thing. Being successful at keeping FOMO ( Fear of missing out) at bay finally.

Netflix and Chill – I have been dreaming of having the opportunity to Netflix and Chill. This quarantined life is the perfect opportunity to just do that but then another realization struck me. I even added a couple of web series to my watch list.Alas, I understood the value of time. I couldn’t part away with my precious time to spend watching these series while I could spend that time more creatively. Creatively killing mosquitoes, cooking different renditions of everyday food, calling up family and telling them “what else is new” and so on and so forth.

We all have definitely picked up brilliant life skills during this quarantine period. I have even watched so many re-runs of certain TV soaps that I am beginning to imagine different end plots for all of them.Life is throwing lemons at all of us. Let’s not waste these lemons by juicing them, instead freeze these lemons to use them during these quarantine times.These times are challenging enough for everyone, let’s add a dash of humor to it. Also what’s better, people laughing at you or you laughing at your own self. Well, in case you are a stand up comedian, both is good for you.

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