Being yourself is the most natural thing to do, but is it really easy?

Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken!” … Oscar Wilde

We see so many posts across the social media platform that push you towards “being yourself“, Then we also see people, leaders, businessmen giving speeches and motivational talks on how to be confident and how to push ourselves beyond the boundaries.

Often to have an impact, to gain more engagement, we are ready to do everything we can however we tend to hold ourselves back sometimes. Why are we hesitant when we are trying so hard to strive to be something or someone? Are we trying to be someone, we aren’t?

We have preset goals and ambitions in our mind. We have a vision of who we want to be.

For example, in the field of business we want to match the success of a business magnate like Jack Ma.

As an entrepreneur we are inspired by the journey of Bill Gates and Jeff Bezo.

In my field of blogging and writing, I often hear discussions about how to be as successful as someone. I wouldn’t hide the fact that I too have been party to these discussions.

Similarly in various professions and fields we select for ourselves, we end up wanting to be like someone or match someone’s success story. Where does that leave you and your uniqueness.

We constantly work meticulously to make ourselves feel like we are “good enough”, “confident enough”, strong enough or well spirited. This finally makes you lose the essence of you being yourself. People, will always approach you for your uniqueness. Being yourself and excelling at something will always draw people to you and your work.

The need to be like someone else seldom arises from out subconscious (sometimes conscious) needs, to be accepted – first by our family, friends and then by others.

This is definitely something that hovers over us during our adulthood. I personally have experienced, trying to reach a predefined level of success only to realize, it wasn’t something we were looking for.

You tend to burn yourself during this process and also lose the essence of, “being yourself’.

If you don’t practice just being yourself, this conflict can continue to engulf our thoughts all throughout. Honestly, you and I are two different individuals and we are going to have a difference in thoughts and opinions. Rather than it leading to a conflict of thoughts, it can simply be looked at positively. Even identical twins are not always identical. Hence, nobody can be like us because we are all unique. And isn’t that a wonderful thing?

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If you can hold on to your distinctiveness and be the best version of yourself, it doesn’t really matter what past your past sufferings or disparagement, you’ve had! They surely transform you as a person and give you great life lessons but you still remain, yourself!!

Read here how reading books can leave you with some wonderful lessons.

Would you still want to be yourself or be someone else in your interactions with people around you? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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