How to handle those work from home distractions?

We are all by now completely settled in our work from home routines . If I were to describe the onset of the pandemic and work from home situation, it can be described in one word – Chaotic! However, we have all effectively managed to sail these rough waters and handle all the distractions.

Working for home and from home is something we have all gotten accustomed too. We have found ways how to manage our work from home routines and have some family time too. Organizing and planning tops the chart when it comes to scheduling our work from home life. Yet, if you thought there were no distractions while you work from home, you were mistaken. Distractions are a vital part of a parent’s life and if you are a parent you will agree 100%.

As parents and living in the small confined spaces of Mumbai, distractions come as an additional bonus package. These small distractions while you work from home, at home and for home can be really annoying. What do you do then to handle these obstacles?

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I have been able to fix a specific work area and definitely mastered the art of technology too. Communicating effectively is the key to working from home. Conversely, there are situation that may occur could lead to causing stress and anxiety too.

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Here are some tips to manage the distractions while you work from home everyday –

Reduce your screen time

I recently started working full time and it was necessary to keep away from the social media temptation. I decided to keep my use of social media to the bare minimum. It becomes imperative to use social media to an extent of what is required for your work purpose

You cannot crack productivity on day one

Write down your goals and tasks. You cannot expect a super productive day every day.  Divide your daily tasks into groups of priority. You can even practice working as per the Pomodoro technique

Let your routines change

It is important to follow a routine to start your day. Similarly you need to follow a routine to wind up your official work. This helps you relax and unwind too. Once you are done with your official break, take a small break and clear your workspace.

Use technology for optimum work balance

Work from home can be easy for many and minute distractions can be avoided if you use technology. Use calendars and reminders to help you with your work flow. Use Apps that help you make video and voice calls easily.  If you have to use technology to keep kids involved, prepare for that in advance too. Managing online education and work from home can be tough. Make sure you plan your days and meetings accordingly to avoid any unwanted distractions.

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Don’t mix your workdays and weekends

With the lock down easing out now, you may have family and friends visiting you. However, not everyone understands that you are following a WFH schedule. Be open and honest about what causes disruption to your work schedule. Try and keep your brunches and leisurely get-together for your day offs.

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Along with these tips, make sure you get enough sleep and are comfortable saying NO too! To work from home can be very liberating however there are tiny pitfalls that can distract you. Focus, planning and setting a schedule can work wonders for you.

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