Reading books is great for kids. Know how to make them like it too!

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Reading books opens your minds to the doors you didn’t know existed. Today, I had to present a little insight into a batch of school kids about the benefits of reading. I had to make sure the session was interesting and interactive. The art of storytelling is what lures a reader as it helps them imagine and opens new doors of possibilities. Reading books is indeed one of the easiest ways to unlock a pathway to a magical land. You not only learn, explore but also embark on a journey like none other.

The 100 Best Quotes About Reading

Young kids, often perceive reading as boring and something that kills their screen time.So, it was the screen time concept that I decided to harp on. A lot of your movies, t.v series, and cartoons have all been updated through various books and comics written. The kind of content we watch has mostly been inspired by what we have been reading about for years.

You surely must have seen the famous “money heist” on Netflix or a nerve-wracking thriller would have had you glued for hours. A lot of these storylines have been updated from some book or the other. I truly believe that not everyone can become great at reading but reading books can be done from anywhere! It’s satisfying to believe in the magic that reading books can unveil.

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Reading books has more than just a few benefits

There are many positives of reading books and some of them are listed here:

  • It helps to exercise your brain
  • Spending time reading books improves concentration.
  • It makes you aware of the many things you didn’t know existed or happened.
  • Reading books helps you get better at the imagination and enhances your communication skills.
  • It’s a wonderful way for a family to spend time together and engage children in fun activities

How does then one get little minds to pick up books and enjoy the journey of reading?

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Well, here are a few ways that have always worked with my young one and they are sure to help you too!

Also in my previous posts, I have shared Instagram profiles of some bloggers who recommend some amazing books that are sure to help young readers. Have a look at the below accounts who recommend some amazing read for kids

These Instagram accounts are like treasure houses of books that will keep you yearning for more.

I have always enjoyed reading books however I wasn’t sure my child would love it too however there are a few things we tried to make reading books fun.

Create a little theme set up when reading books.

We read our bedtime stories in bed or read adventure storybooks at playtime. If I were to read a monster book to him, we would read under the blankets and so on. The setup for reading has to be made fun for kids to enjoy reading books.

Keep the books visible.

When you stash books all around the house, it will always catch your child’s eye. Keep rotating books and keep them stacked in a nice space. You can even create a DIY bookshelf with your kids. Keep books within the reach of your kids for them to be able to touch, feel, and look through books.

Turn to books to find answers.

We are accustomed to turning to google for answers however it’s the books we need to turn too. Develop a habit of collecting books that give your child answers to their questions. I remember reading books from the Pepper Book Series for small behavior changes that my little one experienced with time.

Relate everyday situations with characters they would have read about.

As you encounter different situations as a family try and relate them to the characters kids have read about. Also, kids love to experience their opinions, so always discuss the book, once you have read it.

Let the kids make choices about which books are they reading

Often, as adults we tend to make the choices for our kids however to get them to enjoy reading, they need to pick the books. Let them pick the books they want and then gradually build the titles for them.

Kids are always under pressure to undertake reading and it is this pressure that overshadows the joy of experiencing something mystical. As parents and caregivers, we must definitely be the torchbearers. I remember speaking about Harry Potter books and occurrences in the books all day. Subsequently, this led my son to pick up the book and read a few pages here and there!

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