How I learnt to doodle at home during this lock down?

Quote Creativity - Zitat Kreativität "Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world." Brene Brown "Kreativität ist die Art, meine Seele der Welt mitzuteilen.

Drawing or being able to doodle, is the best form of expression and can connect people even without uttering a word. When you draw you express your thoughts, emotions or wants, you do not need to be a master at it. I know a lot of people who have attempted to draw and felt they have failed miserably at their attempt. However, there will be so many times, when you are talking over the phone or writing down something, you unconsciously begin to scribble. Remember the meetings that make you shut your eyes instantly and you simply begin scribbling or drawing something just to stay awake!  Often, this type of scribbling is referred as doodling.

Doodles are drawings of graphical representations of something tangible or could be random abstract shapes. I began to doodle when I needed to calm down my over charged mind or when I needed an outlet for my anxiety. Usually people being to doodle out of frustration, dullness and anxiousness.

The lock down has bought a lot of changes to our routines and when you doodle it can help you calm down in these tough times.

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Studies show that people can remember images better than text and hence young learners are first taught through pictures and then through text. I have recently picked the art of doodling and I thoroughly enjoy my hobby. Well, it’s not really a new found hobby because I have always enjoyed illustrating and drawing, however I did pick a few tips and tricks from the internet on how to doodle easily at home. I often follow Pinterest pins to practice how to doodle a certain pattern and then create my own.

These are simple tips that I followed to learn and practice doodling at home.

What will you need?

For starters you just need some drawing pencils and paper. People who doodle professionally recommend getting a pencil that is soft and has low HB grade so that you can easily rectify any errors. You must check out simple doodle kits that are easily available at any stationery. To fill colors you will require drawing pens and color pencils.

You will also need paper to draw ( obviously) If you want to track your progress and stay more organized, get yourself a sketchbook or a sketchpad I used a simple sketchbook and it worked just fine. I also used the old unused notebooks that were available at home to practice how to doodle.

How do you start?

You start with basic doodle shapes.

Just the way you need phonics when reading alphabets, when you begin to doodle, you need to look at basic shapes of things, for example a book is square or rectangle, a cup is circular and so on!  There is something known as basic visual shapes for doodling and these help when you try and draw anything.

The visual alphabet can be used to draw anything! Click ...

Practice drawing out lines, random shapes and just try and replicate things you like or see every day. This will give you a lot of practice and will help you learn how to doodle. Draw shapes and start filling them with basic patterns. Start with simple things and then you can advance to bigger designs.

Do not do it as task, practice it as something you enjoy.

Do not make it like a work chore that you have to finish. Make it something you like doing. Set up a nice corner for yourself where you can relax, unwind and doodle J Just like how you would like to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee.

What to draw?

Draw what you like. Play with your imagination. You may find drawing people’s face tough and here is what someone once advised me – ‘Draw funny figures’ Yes, when you doodle, you don’t have to draw the exact sizes. So you can always have a big face and small body when you doodle.Have a look at this easy doodling workshop session.

There are some Instagram accounts that I refer to when I want to draw inspiration or learn something about doodling. There doodles are funny, simple, easy and yet relatable.

So get that paper and pencil out and begin to scribble, oops, I mean doodle.

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