UEFA Champions League and its wonderful life lessons.

The UEFA Champions League is a magical experience and has some fantastic life lessons for a non-footballer mom like me. Being someone who doesn’t even know football as much as her 6-year-old does, I can’t describe it really well. However, does UEFA even need an introduction or description. Fathoming life lesson while watching the UEFA champions league has been an experience to cherish. There have been an umpteen seasons of UEFA champions league that have passed but each memory is worth cherishing.

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The performances of each player in the UEFA Champions league has not only been impressive but some of these have built a record that can never be beaten. The grit and the determination with which each player contributes to the team and themselves is remarkable. Besides being amazing players, they are also fabulous human beings. Did you know that the social media could provide us with ample life lessons as well? It would be wonderful to have UEFA players give some life lessons . Here’s a quick look at some great life lessons and tips from UEFA matches.


Pursue your dream.

Whether you read about Cristiano Ronaldo or Robert Lewandowski, each other their soccer journey, has a story to tell. It’s a story based on their dreams that they have weaved with passion and hard work. It teaches to pursue our dreams, despite the hardships and be consistent with our work. There will be situations and people who will try to break you but you will need to guard your dreams despite what happens.

Understand your nature of work and learn techniques.

It is important to keep up with technology and understand the specifics of any work you take one. It is imperative to keep yourself updated with the technicalities. Whether it’s the playing skills of your opponent, your team or whether it’s your own self. You need to adapt and change as per the changing times.

Be prepared for everything.

No one had ever expected the world to get impacted and transformed, the way it has in the year 2020. We need to be prepared emotionally, financially and physically for anything that can happen. Often in life too, things may not get as per your plan and hence I often advise people to have a Plan B and Plan C in place. You will feel emotionally low but you need to try and pick yourself back and move ahead.

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Practice the 3 H’s

Hungry, Helpful and Humble. BE hungry for success but be humble in your approach. Always be helpful to people because kindness, pays you back for sure.  Whether you are football legend like Ronaldo, Mbappe or Messi or whether you are simply someone who is starting out, make sure to count your blessing and learn to give to the world. Let you enthusiasm and your vision take you places you want to go!

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Besides these life skills, UEFA Champions League, teaches you to be CONFIDENT, FIT and how to perform under pressure. One of the major skills, it teaches you is TEAMWORK and that’s one of the best life lessons to learn 😊 It teaches you about healthy competition and acceptance too. You have heard a non-footballer mom rave and rant about football because sports has some amazing parenting lessons to teach you too!

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