Dare Dreamers: A start up of Superheroes. Book Review.

We all have dreams and ambitions we want to achieve. Often we go astray and pick a career that will make others proud of us. While doing so, we fail to realize that the dreams and ambitions belong to us and not to the world. Being a reader, I often find myself exploring and reliving such dreams through the books I read. Books transport you to different world altogether. A world that we very fondly can call our own. Books mesmerize me and are my source of inspiration.

There have been times when I have picked up a book to read and it has me hooked. I happen to feel revived the moment I have finished reading it. There have been times when I have read books which helped me achieve my goals in life. Then there are some books that look very promising but leave you disappointed. The good thing about such books is that they atleast teach about what sort of books not to read.

One afternoon I was introduced to a book whose cover looked average. I knew I had to read it, because I needed to review it. As soon as a I began a book I found myself instantly drawn to it. It was a simple read and is a book that described, Mumbai, just as it is, ” The city of dreams”. I am referring to the book, Dare Dreamers – A start up of super heroes which is the second book to be written by, Kartik Sharma


The description style of the book is humble and candid.The language used is easy to comprehend. It’s a morale boosting book for entrepreneurs for sure! The fictional set up of the book is sure to inspire, Bollywood or Kollywood. The title however makes you enforce your belief in achieving your dreams, not matter what. The interaction between the characters are simple and easy ,the scenes are descriptive too. Overall, the emotions are well explained too.The characters have been developed well and are diverse.Th definitely add a bit of “oomph” into the book through their diversity .

The authors have presented a very exceptional and motivating story to the readers with good elements of adventure and entertainment.Though the story was a little predictable at parts, it definitely kept me engaged. I felt a few aspects of the books need to be re-looked at. The book tends to become a little unreal sometimes, however that is what fiction is all about.I would still recommend the book to readers for some thrill and fun reading. You can check other book reviews here.

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