Constipation in kids can be tackled with these food items.

The lock down has sure turned out to be a time for experimenting. We are experimenting food the most. This experimenting with food can impact our kid’s little tummies too. This phase can lead to constipation in kids. There are certain foods that agree with their little tummies and some that don’t. Definitely, the availability of food items currently is limited. Hence, constipation in kids is the last thing one wants to deal with.

Here are some foods that you may want to keep in your pantry to help tackle constipation. You need to remember that along with vitamins, minerals and proteins, your child’s diet should be fiber rich too. Fiber rich food helps to tackle the problem of constipation in kids easily.

List of foods that help ease constipation in kids

glasses of water


I need to have my 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. We all learnt in school that water is the most essential for our body. This the reason why we need to make sure your kids are well hydrated to avoid constipation.Additionally water is great for your hair,skin and overall system.

a person holding baby potatoes


Kids love potatoes. We all love potatoes in almost every form.You can easily serve them as boiled or tossed instead of the fried version. Potatoes contain fiber that can help ease the constipation in kids.

bowl of oats and fruits


A great source of nutrition without a doubt. Oats have multiple benefits and one of them is, being a great source of fiber. You can easily make oats and chia pudding or add oats to pancakes too.You can even add oats to muffins, cutlets or prepare a humble porridge out of it Sweet or savory, whatever your flavor is,oats are good for everyone.

different kind of beans


Beans are indeed the best source of fiber and are also easily available right now. You can add beans to curries, rice and even turn them into a burger patty.

bowl of fresh fruits


I am so glad that my little one sometimes prefers fruits over junk.Definitely fruits are known to be the key for a healthy lifestyle.Fruits such as, pear, pomegranate seeds, apples, orange and berries are known to help ease tummy troubles.

jars of nuts


Definitely Nuts are fibrous and nutritious.You can sprinkle seeds and nuts on salads and fruits too.Nuts are high on calories so ensure to keep portions small. You can even dry roast the nuts and snack on them.

Flax seed

It may not be easy for you to source flax seed right now but its a great for your system. Flax seed is full of fiber, antioxidant and omega 3.It is not just great for kids but for adults too.

Prunes or Raisins

We all know, prunes and raisins are known to cure stomach ailments for ages. You can feed kids, dried prunes, grapes or raising to help ease constipation woes.

You can also include other foods such as broccoli, avocado, peas, whole grain bread as well. We must also limit their junk food intake. Reduce the amount of aerated drink they consume and always ensure their is enough fiber in their diet. Small changes to their diet can ensure healthy tummies always.

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