Tips to control your growing emotions before they control you!

There are days when I feel content,happy, positively emotional and highly energetic. Suddenly, without much ado, I soon get engulfed by dark gloomy clouds that arrive without a warning. I am instantly surprised by the quick shift in my emotions. People around me are taking shelter under the blanket called lock down. It has become extremely convenient for people to use the covid -19 lock down as reason for the fluctuations in their emotional graphs. We use different moods to express different feelings. Each mood seldom corresponds to a phase in our lives.

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Emotions will always a strong hold on your life.There are numerous ways in which one can get a grip on their outbursts..However, it may not be always easy to practice that when you are having an emotional outburst. There are times when our emotions have the best of us. Conversely, there are moments when our mood swings have toppled over something good. How does then, one control their emotions and not let them cause any havoc? Here are a few tried and tested ways through which you can control your moods.

Think before you react

This is definitely easier said than done. However, a lot of times instant reactions to emotional triggers can be troublesome.Before you succumb to your emotions, take deep breathe. Try and distance yourself from the situation.You need to breathe for a while, calm yourself and then attend to the situation at hand.

Connect to the funny emotions.

Just yesterday, I resisted the urge to yell at my 6 year old after he accidentally broke my phone. Well, I definitely clobbered his head in my imaginations. The visual I imagined for sure helped me curb my anger. Humor may not make your problem disappear but a lightheaded approach to a situation can surely be beneficial.Also if you want some Monday humor in your life, you must watch this Instagram account.

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Forgiveness is the key to happy emotions

You may have people closet to you that trigger of emotional outburst. Practice forgiving them and learning to let go. Sometimes a huge burden gets lifted of your chest when you forgive them.Forgiveness also sometimes means detaching from the emotional burden.When you forgive, you also accept that you no longer are responsible for people’s behavior anymore.

Let your body accept the emotional outburst.

Sometimes, we tend to freak out the moment we experience something unusual emotionally. We must learn to let our body accept it calmly. Meditation and allowing the sensations to simply pass away is always advisable. A hot shower, or putting a cube of ice on your forehead and thinking about positive things will do a lot of benefit too.

Don’t be judgmental

I have often been guilty of judging myself for being emotional. Over the course of time, I realized that judging myself for being vulnerable or emotional does me no good. We expect the world to not judge us but unknowingly do so ourselves. Look at the optimistic side of your thoughts and moods for you to feel better.Accept your feelings and validate them to attain mental peace.

Emotional changes and mood swings will always follow course in lives. Exercising, taking a break, eating healthy food and channeling your outbursts to something positive is the best way to deal with the roller coaster ride of emotions. Stepping out into fresh air can do wonder too. Here’s hoping that these tips will help you work around your thoughts and yourself too.

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