Read this to help prepare kids for post lockdown days.

In this lockdown, kids too, have a certain peculiarity of calmness and restlessness that blends into one. I am sometimes wondering if time is flying on a fire bolt.The only way to differentiate between weekdays and weekends is when you are able to snuggle in the bed longer. Once you are able to slide out of that blanket and get on with your chores, you realize life always goes on. Soon enough, this lock down too, will be lifted. Adults and kids will all have to gradually move out of the lock down phase.

Our lives always had a schedule prior to the quarantine. We still follow certain schedules in terms of work commitments and household chores. The only schedule that has fuddled away is the schedule of our kids. The good part amidst the lock down is that a lot of schools and educators have resorted to online classes to impart education. The online classes continue to give the kids direction and essence of discipline. The kids have handled the lockdown exceptionally well.

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During the lockdown time, kids have gotten used to a different schedule. The duration of the lockdown has been long enough to alter their preexisting habits. Definitely as parents, we have tried to maintain a schedule for children that is beneficial for the entire family. We all need to accept that this way of living is going to be the new normal in times to come. We have to find a way of living around this situation.

Here are few ways that you can make this changing situation simpler for kids.

Prepare the kids for after the lockdown.

Kids are currently used to a little more attention and pampering they got prior to the lockdown days. You need to communicate with them about pros and cons of the lockdown. They need to be kept updated about the after effects of the lock down in simpler ways as well.

Hygiene Essentials are a must.

At one point in time we were encouraging our kids to play in the dirt and sweat it out. Now we are exercising all measures to keep them safe even while they are indoors. They for sure need to be made aware of the importance of hygiene constantly. As adults we can use fun games to explain the importance of maintaining hygiene all throughout.

Schedule and Time Management during lockdown.

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We all agree that all of us have a little more relaxed schedules than before. The little ones are allowed exemption in their schedules. We have loosened the rope on some of their eating habits and sleeping habits too. It will do us and them good if we gradually start getting their schedules on track. It is absolutely fine to allow them some downtime here and there. Along with doing that, you also need to make them aware that their schedules are equally important as well. Some simple ways to get their sleep schedules back on track have been tried here

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Social Interaction for kids

For exactly two months, our kids have been interacting with only family. They are not being asked to exchange social pleasantries with anyone at all. One must understand that not all kids are extroverts. There can be some amount of social anxiety that may exist in kids too. Also it is worth noting that may be after the lock down is over, we may all suffer from separation anxiety too. Communication with kids is a great way to encourage them to accept these changes eventually. We all know that social interaction is important for the overall development of our children. This article covers some great aspects about social interaction.

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While we will still be juggling to adjust to the new normal way of living, we need to be able to help our kids manage the new normal too. The online classes will soon turn to classroom classes. The screen time will soon reduce and they will have more writing to do. It’s best to help kids practice something of everything. After all, practice is what makes them perfect.

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