Here are somethings you need to know about ADHD in kids

We are all special and unique. This specialty in each of us seldom leads us to have a special brain. This special brain can cause a condition called ADHD in kids. As adults we tend to forget certain things sometimes, get fidgety or loose our chain of thoughts. Likewise,it is absolute normal behavior in kids to be sometimes, inattentive, be highly energetic or impulsive. ADHD stands for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It is a medical condition that makes spontaneous responses in people difficult. ADHD is an extremely common neurodevelopmental disorder. This condition usually appears in childhood and seldom stays with you until adulthood.

Furthermore, we don’t expect our kids to sit still, listen or follow instructions immediately. Kids are bundle balls of energy and they are bound to behave in a certain manner.As a tutor and a trainer, I have been around kids with ADHD for a good amount of time. Contrary to the common myth, that they are trouble makers, I personally feel they are often intellectually better than other kids. However, if some of these symptoms are repetitive in behavior with your child, you must seek medical guidance.

Symptoms of ADHD in kids.

Hyperactivity – I often hear parents say that their child doesn’t sit still. It is to be noted that mostly all kids are fidgety or restless. Often, we as adults need to help kids build concentration and focus. However, kids with ADHD may roughhouse more often than other. They may have trouble sitting still or may often rush through things. Sometimes, they may find it difficult to wait for their turn as well.

Inattentiveness – As adults too, we tend to get anxious and jittery in tough situations hence it’s normal for kids to do so as well. So kids with ADHD may have trouble focusing even when they are giving it their best short.They may often find it difficult to finish a task and concentrate for long. There will indeed be times when they may disrupt things without meaning too. You may also notice that playing quietly is not always easy for them.

Impulsive – Well, I am an impulsive person and have been so almost all my life. As I type this, I wonder why I never got any medical assistance to gauge if I belonged to the ADHD clan.Well, coherently the point I am trying to make is that not every impulsive person is battling ADHD. Kids with this condition, may seek things that don’t belong to them. Their reactions could be quicker than others. Sometimes, their emotional outbursts could be stronger than others too.

Occasionally, parents and teachers are able to ascertain the underlying symptoms of ADHD. Likewise, not all kids with these habits have ADHD. So it is always advisable to seek some guidance. There are some tips that can help kids focus better.Since this condition is extremely common and not permanently curable, here are few things that can help tackle the condition.

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Here is how you can treat ADHD in kids

Medicine – Once your medical practitioner has rules out the severity of the condition, you will be prescribed medicines. These medicines tend to activate the brain’s ability to exercise control. It helps in slowing down the responses and helps to activate the brain’s ability to pay attention.

"Supplements for ADHD."

Counseling – Behavior therapy or counseling can help to a great extent. It definitely helps to tap on the emotional well-being too. This therapy can help develop the emotional and social skills that kids may lag behind in.

Coaching the parents – It has been observes that in such cases parents are more reluctant to accept the situation. I have spoken to a few parents myself and helped them gradually accept the situation. While coaching the parents, it helps them to tactfully handle the behavior. It also teaches them different ways to respond to their kids.

5 Common Mistakes parents of ADHD kids make and how to avoid them

Support at school – Kids with ADHD tend to face some flak socially for sure. With continued support from school and teachers, kids can learn to improve their social responses.Teachers can help younger kids manage their emotional and social behavior. Along with doing so, a continuous communication with parents helps too.

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Besides, the above, parents can join various social groups online and attend workshops that can help them to be more responsive and tackle the situation easily. They can even join a support organisation and be involved with your child.

There is indeed a silver lining waiting for everyone. ADHD does not hamper your child’s creativity or talent. It definitely impacts their attention majorly however there exist, immense positive traits too. Here are some of them

How ADHD fuels creativity

Like I previously mentioned, having ADHD doesn’t mean that it limits intellect or creativity. It simply slows or accelerates certain behavior traits.

Positive traits amongst kids who have ADHD

Creativity – You will notice that the creative juices tend to flow more as compared to others. Considering, their imagination and thoughts flow like a fountain, they can have various alternatives to problem-solving.

Versatile – Kids tend to have multiple options to a situation and can fluctuate with their options easily. This trait can be easily compared to being versatile and flexible.

Energetic and Enthusiastic – Well, let’s just summarize this by saying, you will never have a dull day with them. Their energies and zest can really rub off some optimism on you too.

As I mentioned earlier,certain symptoms of anxiety, restlessness or inattentiveness doesn’t mean your child has ADHD. We all react differently under different situations hence if you see pertinacious behavior in all situations, you may want to seek some guidance.

I am no medical expert and hence I did use information available on Google to help me articulate this article. A small post I read on Facebook summarizes it aptly.

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