Some fun ways for kids to spend the summer in quarantine

The summers are meant to be all fun and frolic. I have always associated summers for vacations and getaways. Conversely, this summer vacation is being spent in quarantine. For sure, this quarantine is going to extend beyond the summer vacations.Summers were meant for creating memories and being outdoors. Our outdoor movement has become restricted to only venturing out for essentials. Moreover our kids have been in quarantine for long enough. Definitely these measures are essential for our safety without a doubt.

As parents we are undoubtedly creating memories with our kids. Families have gotten together and are helping each other balance the home chores. There are many activities one can do during this corona cation. The summery weather however has always had a special mention in our kids’ lives.

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A lot of schools that were taking online classes have now probably announced holidays.  You may not be able to go outdoors for a holiday but you can still make the summers fun for your kids. Here are few things you can do indoors this quarantine summer.

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Fun activities to do this quarantine summer

Make Ice Cream – I scream, you scream, we all cream for ice-cream.  This is the perfect weather to make and splurge on ice-cream. Surely the best part about summer, quarantine and ice cream is that it is going to be home made. It is indeed a fun way to keep the kids engaged.

Cook with the kids – You will surprised at how kids enjoy home chores. Involve them in cooking, peeling or chopping vegetables. Let them create their own renditions of a dish with some help from you. For example, my son helped me make chocolate pizza because he wanted both his favorites merged into one.

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Click Pictures – We all love to smile and pose. Turn your house into a beautiful backdrop. I am sure we have all almost deep cleaned our houses by now. It is amazing to see, how easily we can use things lying in the house for our pictures.From children’s toys, to fabrics, to crockery, you can use a lot more things to click wonderful pictures and create some memories.

Have an indoor picnic– Oh, I am sure we all miss dressing up. This weather is perfect for beaches, shorts and picnic. Well, we can’t have the beaches this quarantine but we surely can have some summer picnics. Prepare a picnic basket and have a picnic at home. Let all the board games, tents come out too. The best part you have the entire family together.Additionally you are also teaching kids to make the best use of what they have.

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Invent new games – Right now, no one is judging us for what we do. Invent your own games, be silly and happy all at once. Kids are loving the time they are getting with their parents. Use all of their toys to make new games. Encourage pretend play, coloring, playing with blocks, reading etc. You can even get your nostalgic childhood games indoors for your kids. For example, you can play dog and the bone or hopscotch at home too.

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Beauty Hacks and pamper yourself – We definitely have a tad bit more time our hands right now. Use this time to pamper yourself. You can pamper your skin and your hair as well. If you have older kids, you can set up a nice spa visit for them too. A great way to teach kids about skin care and self care too.

Binge watch series – Holidays means movies without a doubt. It’s time you made some popcorn and some pizza. Put on you PJ’s and dim the lights for a great movie experience with kids. Netflix and Amazon Prime have some great movies and series that can be enjoyed with family for sure.

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Set up a sale counter in the house and teach them about money – Along with working from home, we are also managing our finances.We can use games to teach our kids about value of money too. You can easily set up a pretend store at home and buy things from kids. Furthermore it is a great way to brush up their math skills too.

Travel Virtually to places and learn about them – So what, if we can’t travel to place or take exotic vacations. We can still visit these place virtually and teach our kids about them. You can teach your kids all about different places and their traditions from the your living room. I found this great article here.

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At this time, we are juggling with our chores and sanity without a doubt. However a few simple ways can help us make the summers still stay as summer holidays for our kids.

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