Are you planning to have another kid? Read this then!

Kids are the epitome of their parents world. In the current situation of the lock down, kids need utmost care.Definitely in situations like these, it always helps when you have more than one kid in the house. When you have a large family to support you, it’s always easier to raise more than one child. After your first baby, usually thoughts of having another kid do multiple rounds in your head with a doubt

Are you however ready to hop on the band wagon of having more than one kid? Are you ready to plunge yourself into round two of motherhood. Well, like I always say, being a mother is a constant job

two babies and woman sitting on sofa while holding baby and watching on tablet

There are always two sides to a coin.I apply the same prophecy to motherhood too.Hence,it’s advisable to weigh your pros and cons.You would after all be going back to the sleepless nights, diaper changing and constant feeding routine.

So like most of you, I have contemplated and probably still contemplating about baby number two.However, here are a few for and against things you must consider before you decide to have more than one kid.

The Well thought Pros of having another kid

  • Having a sibling for your kid is always a good idea for their emotional and mental development
  • If you have less duration between your pregnancies, you can always easily reuse baby care products.
  • Your kids will have each other to entertain ( well, also to almost kill each other :-p )
  • If you decide to have baby 2 soon enough after baby one is born, despite the double chaos, you will get over with it sooner too.
  • You will be creating a best friend for life for your kid.Read this to know why.
  • You will have an additional helping hand to help with your baby no.2 if your first kid is older.
  • Once you have decided to have another kid, you can plan schedules for both your kids to be able to give them quality time.
two kids walking together

Let’s Look at the Con’s too

  • You will have to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and financially for the arrival of baby no.2. This task may sound more tough than it is because everything will double up now.
  • Every now and then you may be harrowed with juggling of multiple tasks.
  • Each child is different and there is possibility that what worked for your first kid may not work for your second one.
  • You may have to take a maternity leave for a longer period.

There will always be pros and cons of having another kid but it’s a decision that should solely based on you. Without a doubt,you need to discuss this in detail with your partner. Besides,your overall health needs consideration too . Additionally as parents you should also look at any upcoming milestones for your older kid too.There are multiple factors to be considered when planning for another kid. Let the decision be solely yours and not influenced by any pressure.

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