5 ways to use spoiled milk. Minimalist life!!

Stocking up on groceries seems like a cumbersome task during the lock down. Ensuring none of the groceries including milk are not spoiled is,another! We are household that still gets milk delivered to our house. Considering we are now practicing social distancing, this has definitely changed. The need for milk and milk products definitely hasn’t. The milk man now leaves the milk packets with the security. We pick it up at a later time. One such time led to the milk curdling and spoiling.

Often, I strain the curdled milk and discard the water. I turn the curdled milk to a sweet or cottage cheese. However, did you know there are more benefits to even the spoiled milk. We are indeed living in a phase where everything needs to be recycled and optimised.

Here is what you can do with the milk instead of throwing it away.

Face Care Tip

We all know the benefits of milk in age old face masks. The lactic acid in milk is supposedly known to benefit the skin. You can simply just dilute some with water and splash on your skin. This will soothe your skin and help it glow too. Ensure you use a mild moisturizer later to not smell like spoiled milk all along.

Cleopatra’s Secret Ingredient

I read somewhere how Cleopatra’s secret to beauty was milk baths. You definitely can skip the lengthy bath routine. Here is what you could do, add a cup or two of the spoiled milk to your bath. You can finally rinse it off with a mild wash.This will leave your skin soft and supple.

woman in a bath tub

Use it for baking.

We all agree without a doubt, that milk is always an important ingredient for baking. You can use the sour milk to make cakes, pancakes, waffle etc. Remember to drizzle some honey and nuts on that pancake and waffle. Once baked, you can rarely make the difference between good milk and spoiled milk.

milk and cake

Care for your plants

Agreed, we wouldn’t drink milk that is spoiled. However, its a great source of calcium for your plants. You can dilute it with some water and use it to water your plants. Milk, whether spoiled or not is as good for plants as it is for our bones

cup of milk

Toss it into soups and salads

The way baking with spoiled milk helps to mask its taste.Similarly you can use spoiled milk for your soups and salads too.It helps to make the soups thicker and you can toss in the curdled and strained milk into salads.

You can serve it to your pets too. They can rarely make out the difference and it doesn’t harm them either.Using the spoiled milk in these ways helps you to reduce wastage which I believe is the need of the hour.

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