Easy tips to improve public speaking skills

“If you can speak, you can influence. If you can influence, you can change lives “, said someone correctly.

The above quote holds true for public speaking. Indeed, the ability to express your thoughts and views is the best ability of all. However, this trait of communication doesn’t come easy to everyone. We must not forget that everyone who is an extrovert, would like to talk all the time. It is worth mentioning that even an introvert, may be an excellent speaker.

All of us can talk however it takes great courage and some skills to face an audience. There are a few basic skills one needs to incorporate while speaking publicly. We all have seen many famous speakers on TV and other media channels who lack the basic etiquette of talking. Some of them have even crossed lines of speaking and yelling only to be eventually alleged for wrong doings. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to understand the concept of Public Speaking.

Let’s look at the basics of communication that can help you become a good public speaker. Did you also know you could take up public speaking as a career?  Here is some information on how you could do so.

Physical Aspects of Public Speaking

Body Posture – Your actions speak louder than words. This hold true for being a public speaker. Your body posture and how you conduct yourself is off great importance. You need to maintain eye contact and speak in a manner where you are addressing everyone. Using hand gestures is a great way to send out positive vibes when speaking in public.

man on a stage talking to people.

Energy – Everyone enjoys a public speaker with high energy. We surely do not want to fall asleep when listening to someone. Make your interaction as honest as possible. Indeed, adding a touch of humor to your session will work wonders. Do not let your energy levels vary, maintain constant levels of enthusiasm when speaking.

Dress for the occasion – It is always best to dress formally for a public speaking event. Make sure you dress comfortably too. You do not want to attract unnecessary attention to your clothing style. You can go semi –formal too with a crisp white shirt and blue jeans too.

man speaking to the crowd

Know your audience – This can differ from place to place. When conducting public speaking in a school your audience is different. Whereas, when you are conducting public speaking in an arena with adults, your audience is different. Speak about things that they would resonate with. Definitely a great choice to emote and modulate your voice too when speaking to different set of audience.

Make mental notes – When kids are being asked to speak in school, they are asked to prepare notes. Conversely this tip works for adults too. You may have a power point for your audience to see however it’s best for you to remember your key words.

speaker on stage

Appreciate your audience – Get your audience to talk to you. Probe them with real life scenarios. Say thank you to them generously. Everyone likes to play a part. So, it’s best to involve your audience every now and then. A two way communication is surely the best form of communication.

There is a great video on YouTube that explains how one can easily ace public speaking.

The above tips apply to everyone alike. However, certain things need to be kept in mind when conducting public speaking with kids.

Public Speaking for Kids – Always appreciate kids on their chain of thoughts. Use words of positivity with them. Appreciate the smallest behavior in children. For example, if a child is attentive, appreciate that. In case a child using new words of vocabulary, appreciate that. Do not interrupt kids when they are speaking. Help them string a story using flash cards or get them to describe a picture.

A cute video that shares some simple tips that can help kids conduct themselves on stage.

There is another article in my previously written posts where I share simple tips on how to converse with your little ones. This article will help you talk to them and understand them easily too.

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