Things to be planning for during the lock down.

The lock down has left me with little time to think over things beyond my home. There are for sure things that need future planning as well. Without a doubt, all of us are currently doing is, meeting deadlines of food, demand and supply. Not only that, both husband and I have to be caregivers for our little human too. I am obviously blessed with some moments to ponder over things that I haven’t previously thought off. Things that need to be planned and acted upon.We enjoy our lazy moments as a family too.

At this time besides contemplating the aftermath of the lock down, few other things need to be considered too. In my opinion, these times have given us enough time to plan and consider the following things.

Education planning.

This is the time when you may want to muse over your child’s education plans. This is the best time to plan for their years ahead. You may want to go back and look at your savings too. Indeed, it is a great time to revise your financial planning too.Surely, you can have a look at this article to help you with education while home.

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Financial Planning.

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The lock down has indeed put a speed breaker to our earnings and finances. Indeed, there are a lot of us working from home and are being paid our regular wages. However, we cannot escape from the impact that this lock down is already having on our economy. Definitely, times like these, call for us to retrospect on our savings. We need to re-look at our financial planning records too. This article from Economic Times, gives you an idea about finance related things you can do during lock down.

Planning for quality time with our kids

All the planning, you and I do about spending quality time with family, often goes kaput. WE spend our times either working from home or for home. You may want to start putting those plans in action now. Look at your early morning or bed time routines to do talk to kids. It is best to set an activity schedule. List down all the activities you could do with them. You may as well, give them a lesson or two on being organized. The best time to relive your childhood memories and games with them for sure.

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Values and Beliefs

I have been entailing on how to get my little one to learn some prayers. This pandemic is the best time to teach them about the power of healing, prayers and some value too.. The digital system is our pawn in this lock down. Make use of fun stories and mythological series to get them to learn about your belief system. Soon enough, you will have additional hands to pray for the well-being of the world.

Plan to upgrade your skills.

I personally believe our life is a constant learning process. I believe in trying to be better versions of our self-every day. Yes, someday it’s practically impossible but you just have to try. Learn a new skill during this lock down. Upgrade your professional skill through a course or pursue a hobby. There are so many videos on YouTube that would help you to do so.You can look at some free professional courses here

Planning for your health.

We definitely are eating home cooked meals and also taking care of our sleep cycle. Without a doubt these times call for self care and care for physical health too. Start with any form of exercise or meditation. You have plenty of apps to follow and learn from. This time of lock down is indeed the best time to plan for your health. It is rightly said, “health is wealth”. Hence, start investing in health as well.

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There is a lot you can plan for during these times. You can get back to pursuing your hobbies too. Get the feel good vibes flowing by planning for your next vacay or things you would do after the lock down. Finally, use this time to take care of yourself and your family.

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