Is it easy to beat social distancing blues by being positive

I guess I have enjoyed my solitude of social distancing long enough. One menstruation cycle long, to be precise! My solicitousness began to eventually wear off from things that weren’t imperative. Eventually I decided to put all my energy into things that were actually imperative. I began to look for exhilaration in the perfectly round chapattis and my exercise routines. My heart began taking leaps on the race tracks every time I decided to cook. I felt emotions more strongly than before.

The quarantine malediction was working its wonders on me and my family.We began looking for peace and happiness in the little treasures of life while we practiced social distancing in harmony

Focus on yourself and trivial matters

We are now investing more time in ourselves including the work routines we had eventually gotten accustomed too. My thoughts soon began wandering off to the times that were to arrive. On certain days I felt that these times of social distancing seemed distant and uncertain.

Common rules of social distancing

The current lock down situation including the social distancing has been implemented for a reason. We all need to stay safe from a pandemic that seems to engulf everything that comes in contact with it. We are being asked to stay in our homes. You cannot share food or shake hands.We cannot visit family or friends to check on their well being. As it can be seen, we definitely cannot loiter around anymore in groups. Meanwhile, you and I cannot distribute free hugs too!

Acts of kindness will help

I now wonder how previously,our acts of love and kindness were supposed to heal and provide comfort to each other .On the contrary, these been reversed to seclusion and maintaining safe distance from each other. You and I are worried because these deeds of ours,may now be dangerous for people around us.

It all belongs to the nature

The nature is rightfully claiming what is hers! We hear and see animals coming out on the streets. May be they are here to witness the human behavior where we humans are being confined to our houses. We see clear and blue skies. You can see the water sparkle and on the contrary is drinkable. You feel the air is fresher and the sound of birds chirping is louder.In conclusion, all of this is pointing towards a world that existed before our malice took over.

Do away with the malice

The maliciousness still exists, I still see mudslinging happening on my TV screens. I still see the needy really struggling to get their needs fulfilled. I know that the heart of every common human in the world is definitely shedding tears for all those who can’t be with their family and are not in a safe environment.

Let us continue being resilient

It is our resilience to overcome a situation that makes us mammals unique.We all need to continue being vivacious and frisk about the gradual improvement of the situation. Have you, however wondered about the long lasting impact of this pandemic on human behavior. I wonder, will our outlook towards all the activities, professions, business, events, gatherings that are influenced by human behavior will still remain the same? We are social animals but will this pandemic change that. Something to definitely think about and ponder. A song that describes best my sanguinity.

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