Super fun activities for kids to do at home.

As I sit by the window hearing the birds chirp and no sounds of any vehicles passing by, I count some of the blessings the lock down has bestowed upon us. With lack of activities for kids, our children have definitely become restless. Subsequently their schedules have changed, their interactions have also reduced. Moreover, their movement is also restricted. It is indeed equally challenging for a parent to keep their kids entertained with activities during this lock down.

We all have given numerous examples to our slightly older kids of how we would spend our summer holidays when younger however those memories can only be reminisced in these times. Along with ruminating, as parents we can make some of our own games for kids to enjoy. You too, can participate as a family and enjoy this screen free game time.

Target shooting and aiming for kids

Almost every household has a nerf gun and a few bullets. You can make a circular target board and write down points on them. Each player has to aim and shoot at the points. The person who shoots and collects the maximum points, is the winner. For younger kids, you could simple stack some glasses or arrange some toys and ask them to toss it over.

target shooting

Tossing activity for kids

I love this game. A game that builds concentration and helps you flex your muscles too. You need a few balls and a bucket or a bin. You could also stack up some vessels to do this. An adult needs to place the bin or the bucket at a distance from the kids. Stand away from your target. Now you have to aim and toss the ball into the bin, bucket or a vessel. Each player can take 7 to 10 turns and the one who tosses the maximum without missing, is a clear winner.

colorful balls.

Bowling Arena for kids

Anyone can make this simple game using the concept of bowling alley. You can arrange the glasses or bottles, the way bowling pins are arranged. We can also use steel or plastic ones for this game. You can use a slightly bigger ball to roll them over. The person who drops maximum pins wins.

bowling pins

Tracing Letters and Shapes using colors

This activity is for younger kids. You can draw out letters, shapes or an image. You can get your child to trace these. This will help in building their motor skills too. You could use crayons, sketch pens or water colors. Also make sure an adult is around to watch the kids while they are handling colors.

A child holding colorful crayons

Let kids fill in the pictures

Fill the picture – You would need small bit of colored paper or some cotton along with some glue. You can even use newspaper for the same .Draw out shapes or any image you want. You can get the kids to now fill in these images by sticking the colored paper bits or cotton or newspaper.

Colors -  Crayons and paints.

Let kids hunt for treasure

Scavenger hunt – You could list down instructions on what and where to find an object on bits of paper. To illustrate this with an example, I asked my son to find 2 things that are red in color.Additionally,I asked him to look for 2 red things that can move. You can give simpler instructions and ask your kid to look for objects in one single room if they are younger.

kids toys and lego

One of my favorite activity is to draw out cartoon characters for my child to color. Small obstacle courses using hula-hoop, pillows and blankets are fun too. Having an adult to watch over kids is always advisable to avoid any mishaps. Finally, its important for an adult playing a game with them. Along with providing a sense of belonging to them, it is also full of fun. Hence, you can try these activities and more engaging activities and tag me Instagram when you try them.

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