Avengers teach you how to be strong Avenger style.

The Avenger have arrived every time the world needed them. They came and they conquered and the world was a better place again. I wish I could say, “Avengers’ Assemble and I would have the whole army to battle the Covid-19 situation. The 11 years of story telling however came to an end with a snap. The end however was a celebrated one! The celebration of not just victory of good over evil however celebration of all the MARVELous characters!!

While a tiny piece of my heart still stays jabbed with Tony Stark ( IronMan) being put to rest and I could still say “I love you 3000” a three thousand times for the Avengers! Yet, these desperate times can neither bring back the Avengers to the virtual world or the real world.

The original six Avengers however left us some life lessons on how to deal with the most difficult times of our lives. It’s almost like battling the “End Game” that we hyped for almost a year ago!


Captain America – The First Avenger

The first avenger, Captain America always had his shield and his immense strength to tackle the toughest of situations, He taught us to to stand by each other until the end of line.His character could do it all day and we too should be able to shield our family, our loved ones and ourselves from negativity around us, We should be able to do it all day everyday, one day at a time πŸ™‚


Iron Man – Most Loved Avenger

You could take away everything from him except for the fact that he is IRON MAN!! He taught us that heroes are made by the paths they chose and not just by the powers they have. He was the epitome of technology and in these times of lock down, it is technology to our rescue. Let us use the technological resources available to us wisely. We could us apps that make working from home easier along with using apps to call and stay in touch with family. Technology has evolved over time and it’s time we could use it for the best.

The smart and classy black widow

Black Widow

She taught us that, ” Nothing last forever”, and this situation too will improve.She was an expert at weapons with a strong immune system. You too can be an expert at whatever you are resilient about and use these times to up your immune system. How I also wish I could slow aging like the Black Widow but i guess 30s are the new 20s, so I am still young, right?

Hawk Eye aiming with his bow and arrow

Hawk Eye

Hawk eye is an exceptional fencer, acrobat and marksman.His antics teach you to stretch your solutions and spin your troubles.Ensure your focus is undisturbed and remember everything that goes around comes around, like a boomerang. So, it is highly likely that your actions will have an equal and opposite reactions too.

Hulk doing the Hulk Smaash

Hulk – Strongest Avenger

The Avenger with super human strength, durability and exceptional healing powers. One of the strongest Avenger knew how to use his anger to his benefit.Besides teaching us how use our shortcomings to our benefit, Hulk also taught us how to Hulk Smaaash the bad, in us.In these quarantine times let us be able to heal our our wounds and our hurt. There are things beyond our control and let us not sweat over it. Let us instead be, INCREDIBLE

Thor with his hammer

Thor – Mightiest Avenger

While we all ogled and drooled over his looks and his strength, this asgaurdian also is the strongest avenger.He is mighty and worthy and is always ready to fulfill his quest for battle. We too are battling too many things while being locked down in our houses. The Avenger with his remarkable strength and endurance teaches us to stay strong and battle pessimism that surrounds the pandemic.

The Avengers in the End Game said, “This Is The Fight Of Our Lives. We Are Going To Win. Whatever It Takes.” Yes, whilst most of us may not be on the front line battling this situation but we are all fighting in a way to stay safe, protected and sane. I am sure with these simple yet motivating life lessons from the Avengers, we sure will emerge stronger, safer and as winners from this lock down.


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