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The night that the lock down was announced, I was all set to go watch a Bollywood movie.The entertainment and the dhamaal of a Bollywood movie is what keeps me going week on week. In fact during almost all the weekends of my pregnancy, I have sat in a movie theatre enjoying a Bollywood movie. The biggest coincidence of my life is that my son is born on the same day as that of the Bollywood Badshah, Shahrukh Khan.He definitely has the wit and humor of the Bollywood king. He too keeps a tab on his own celebrity status by asking me often, why he can’t find himself on Instagram πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The Khans are legends. The entire Bollywood fraternity is doing their bit during these lock down times and I believe, not just celebrities but every one who can should be out there to support one another. Since the lock down has put an end to my love for popcorn, samosa and movie screening, I decided to derive entertainment and inspiration from Instagram.

Being a blogger, Instagram is great source for sharing ideas, thoughts and even your work. We all know that Instagram can be a great source of learning, entertainment and great tool for marketing. There are these Instagram Accounts of absolutely entertaining Bollywood celebrities, that you must follow. These celebrities are sure to keep you entertained while you count the days of lock down.

The Bollywood Fitness Diva!!

Shilpa Shetty – The fit and beautiful Diva has something new on her Instagram grid everyday. From her funny and entertaining TikTok videos to her yummilicious recipes, she is acing it all.Her variations to the Surya Namaskars will make you try yoga during this lock down for sure.

The Dance Diva of Bollywood

Norah Fatehi – The vivacious and beautiful Diva from the bollywood movie, Street Dancer will surely capture your hearts. She has been re-sharing images and videos of her followers along with taking some awesome fitness classes.This consequently makes me visit her account everyday because right from the little man to old man, everyone in the house is a fan.

The Beautiful Damsel of Bollywood

Katrina Kaif – This goddess of beauty in her desi avataar is for chiefly giving us lessons on how to do our home chores with ease.This Bollywood actress is making sure to emphasize, through her Instagram posts about working for home.On the positive side we know, that whether a celebrity or not, we all need to do our home chores ourselves.

The Bollywood’s Royal One.

Sara Ali Khan– Anyone can be a celebrity with dedication and hard work is what Sara shows through Instagram posts.Additionally, this royal kid also has some entertaining and flawless #sarakishayari on her grid. Uniquely she indeed entertains through the knock- knock jokes.

The Fierce and Strong One

Tiger Shroff – This one is again my kiddo’s favorite. You look at him and you get inspired to work out. The only hurdle that comes in the way is your determination and the food you eat.Watch his Instagram grid to see how you can play easily at home. :-p

The Entertainer

Ayushman Khurana – A brilliant, unconventional actor because he not just acts but does so much more. While this dream man of many has a charming personality, at the same time he also aces poetry. His poetry videos are often shot with clear skies and noises of chirping birds in the background. A perfect mood lifter and an entertainer, equally. Wait, did I also tell you, he is the only one who got really close to looking like the Professor

The Hot One

Vicky Kaushal – Do whatever you can and you will still look handsome. Vicky Kaushal, the bollywood actor, who is the heartthrob of millions, is surely giving enough reasons to drool over him. One one hand he is showing us how to chill like a pro and on the other hand how to help in the cooking.

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So while, I decide to give my body too some exercise by following these tips from the Bollywood fraternity. You go catch up on all the Instagram fun that these Bollywood celebrities are having. They are like us in almost all ways during the lock down. Well okay, minus the mansions and many cars, ok!! But, woh bhi ghar pe and hum bhi ghar pe!!

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