Here is how you can take charge of your emotions and anger.

I am an extremely emotional person. I can love you for the simplest of things that could go unnoticed by others. I could also get upset with the slight change in your tone when you are conversing with me. My sensitive nature has also taught me how to camouflage my feelings when I have to. The good and the bad part about being this person is that I often worry more about how others feel than my own self.Our emotions can always make us behave in a certain way.

I habitually take care of how I speak to people however there are certain people I know who rarely worry about how others feel. They will snap and behave the way they want to. I am beginning to believe that they have some hidden traits of being a Slytherin. We all seldom snap at our loved ones without realizing that we have hurt them and that is something that can be tackled. One also needs to be able to put a lasso around their anger and irritability. If we let our emotions get the best of us always, it can impact our thought processes too.

Think before you speak – It is always easier said than done and most difficult in situations where our emotions get the best of us. We all know we don’t intend to hurt someone most of the times hence it’s important that we train our mouth to watch itself before it blurted something out. Let your mind take the control of the steering wheel before your mouth decides to spin ahead. This trick of considering your thoughts before you put them out will help you handle the situation better.

Detach yourself from the situation – There are times when you know that speaking or reacting to a situation would do more harm. In such situations it is better to detach the situation and move on with your day until you are ready to come back to the situation and deal with it. This way your problem won’t escalate and you won’t have to waste your energy on inconsequential things.

On the lookout for options. –  Obviously yelling and screaming seem better alternatives at that moment as they let you vent out everything however there are far better alternatives. You must consider alternate ways to express your emotions. You could write down how you are feeling or count numbers backwards. Talk to someone you can confide in and explain the entire situation. You can also try calming yourself down and speaking to the person concerned in a less intense way.

Choose your battles wisely – Are you someone who gets into a tiff for the smallest of things? If yes, then my friend you are wasting your emotions and energy. You will soon get into a habit of uncontrollable anger. This is the reason why you must pick your battles wisely. You need to decide if every situation or person needs your reaction. As you learn to focus on more serious problems and let go of the superficial annoyances, you will become less irritable and attract more positivity.

Divert your mind. – Oh Yes!! As someone who has turned to brisk walks, yoga and sometimes even cooking when angry or upset, I can totally vouch for this. You can remove all your anger let the pent up energy get channelized through some form of exercise. Running seems to work well too as it lets you clear your mind and focus on more important aspects of a situation.

Humor – When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade or even better ask for tequila and salt. I know, I know, this line is overrated but humor can solve half your troubles. Look at the mess in life with a little humor and solutions will seem to pop up. You are in charge of your interpretation and the more positivity you bring to your mind, the less space there would be for negative thoughts.

I have to admit that some situations give rise to so much rancor that we often need more than a moment to deal with our feelings. And there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself. Give your mind time to get preoccupied with other things. The more preoccupied your mind is with other things, the more insignificant your anger and other emotions will become. Although it is often healthy to express your emotions to others, sometimes it doesn’t work in your favor. If you have trouble with trying to limit your anger, hopefully these tips will help you control your actions. How do you deal with your anger? Share your suggestions in the comments.

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