What’s inside a woman’s bag.

Bags and shoes are second best friends to a woman after diamonds I believe. I only wish I could someday have a separate bag for each occasion. Well, currently I am stuck with a mom bag which is stylish enough to carry to work and casual meetings. I am glad that my little one can now carry his own bag when we step out of the house but I am also emotional at how he is growing up so soon! I am now in a zone where I can actually carry smaller bags without worrying how I would fit an entire store in it. There are certain things that are essential in my bag and ninety percent of the time I do not step out without it.

Moisturizer – I absolutely hate dry skin. I feel so restless when my skin dries out and hence I always carry a moisturizer in my bag. You can use this moisturizer not only when the skin dries out but you can use them on small scratches or wounds when needed.You need a moisturizer when you have a little one tagging along with you.

Lip Balm – I may skip applying a lipstick but not my lip-balm. I currently am using a Neutrogena lip-balm that is perfect for all occasions. When you apply this lip –balm on your matte lipsticks, it even gives a glossy look.


Wet Wipes – Oh I love these!! They are not just for wiping my skin but they can be used to clean almost anything and everything. From table tops at restaurants to baby bums in the loo. I love to have one pack of these always with me.

A two way hairbrush and mirror – I picked up this tiny cute looking colorful hair brush from Miniso which is my absolute favorite. It has colorful bristles on one side and a mirror on the other. For all the good and bad hair days I need a brush in my bag.


My earphones – For listening to music and Netflixing while I am travelling. For all the phone calls I make during transit and for all the binge watching too, my earphones find a small place in my bag.

A Pen – How I wish I had to use this to sign cheques but it just lays in my bag for hopeful moments. The moment where I expect a good looking stranger to walk up to me to borrow a pen.

Lipstick – I have this nude shade lipstick from Maybelline which suits almost everything I wear. It also has found a favorite spot in my bag.


A small book – Yes as a mom, I need a book in my bag to jot down everything which I will eventually forget. I also need a book to hand it to my kid at social meetings to keep him busy. I also need the book to jot down brilliant ideas for my blogs.

Wallet – What is life without a purse full of money? Well, not very sure about the purse being full of money always but yes it is something that has my card, pictures of my loved ones and photocopies of some important documents and money for the everyday hustle.

Water Bottle – Hydrate! Hydrate! You will sometimes find not just one but two bottles of water in my bag.For all the endless traffic and weather changes, you sure need to have that bottle of water with you.

On certain occasions you will find a stole in my bag, you will also find my husband’s wallet in my bag too. You will also find sanitary pads because PMS has a mind of it own. It will have my phone when I am traveling somewhere and may be some extra make-up essentials when I am out for an extravagant evening.

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