It’s a mad race, please don’t judge!

I took immense pride in being able to function like hands of a clock. From serving fresh meals at all times of the day, to freshly ironed clothes to laundry being washed every day.

I ensured all my utensils were also washed and arranged, while the food was being cooked. I put the clothes to dry, and whatever time I was left with before I fell asleep, I did an additional chore or two.

I gave my child time, took on the onus to help him with his studies, played with him, etc, etc. I loved my spouse immensely and he reciprocated with even more love and respect.  I tried to be the perfect homemaker, I even picked a career that would suit the homemaker’s needs, yet I wasn’t happy.

Yes, Yes! You read it right. I wasn’t happy. What, why?

Despite socializing on social media channels, being a reader, writer, a person with creative thoughts, I still wasn’t happy.

Let me tell you why, because, I wasn’t being myself. I worried about being judged every time I slept a little longer on certain days.

I worried about being judged when I sat there spending more time on my phone than normal, and someone else doing the chore I did earlier.

I worried about being judged when someone else spent the time that I was supposed to spend with my child.

I worried about being judged for overdressing or overeating.

I worried about being judged for putting my career over home on certain occasions and declined a few opportunities.

I also worried about not being as successful as people I see on social media, and crossing the age limit that is usually set for achieving these things.

I worried not being able to contribute financially in the same manner as others did. I worried so much that eventually, I had to worry about being depressed and taking treatment for it!

Yes, perfection is literally just a term. Do not let it engulf you. It’s ok to have flaws as long as you don’t let them hamper your life.

It’s your life, you be the judge, you decide what’s best for you and your family.


Laugh, cry, dance, watch a movie, meet friends, exercise, sleep, read a book, write, swim, exercise, play, be silly, take a holiday, do whatever lets you break free from a monotony!

For all, who judge, Don’t! You never know the kind of damage you are doing to a persons character/life. Live and let live folks.

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