Laugh and Learn.

All the one liners my son keeps throwing at me, I am extremely confident that the sapling of humor has already been planted.The wit and the drama has been equally bestowed on him by his parents and I am sure with a little charm of his own, he is all out to look at the positives in life.

We find it easy to applaud, hoot and laugh at the stand up comedy acts and definitely enjoy a good comedy movie. The ability to laugh at your own mistakes is however not very easy to acquire. If you have mastered the art to crack jokes at your own expense, you definitely will have some great lessons to impart.

Here is how you can teach your kids a little wisdom mixed with some humor so that they turn out be fine humans without major temperamental issues.

Laugh at yourself – I definitely don’t want you to embarrass your kid or have a laugh as annoying next door neighbor, however I want you to appreciate failure and success equally with your kids.

Never Give Up – Well, I think this trait is something that needs to be picked up from your kids. The perseverance with which our kids can rant about the same thing for more than 48 hours is surely a good sign of not giving up. As parents we need to use examples from sports or simple everyday games and tell our kids that winning and loosing is all part of life. Teach them to keep going at it until the last minute.

Don’t be a typical parent – I have previously written about how there are different categories of parenting and we tend to get stuck with a certain style. It is extremely important to be just a parent and nothing less. You can read that blog here . Parenting is definitely not as simple as it was decades ago and the expectations from this entire phase is pretty high. Keep your approach simple, be honest and be friendly.

Respect has to be earned – Respect has to be earned and it doesn’t come with money, is something that Harry Potter taught Malfoy. Your kids could have all possible amenities however they need to earn their respect and they need to respect every living being. I infact even tell the little man to respect the non-living things, which inculcates a sense of responsibility. From keeping their things in place to putting their dishes away, these small traits of behavior, go a long way.

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