5 Ways to Celebrate The New Years.

The year is going to end in just about two day!!. Every year I tell myself that it’s amazing how the time has flown by. Time really flies doesn’t it, well, I am sure we have all seen those tiny clocks flying with wings right? Do you also remember the movie and the apprehension around the world coming to an end in 2012, well we lived eight years ahead of 2012. The person who predicted end of the world must be still trying to get his/her permutation-combination together.

The New Year’s Eve is a little more than 48 hours away and I am sure most of you have your New Year plans in place. It is the only time you want to spend away from the madness, with your family doing equally crazy and mad things. In case you are travelling with kids to celebrate the season, here is quick read that will give you simple tips on planning a travel with kids.

If you are someone who is still weighing their pros and cons about what to do on New Year’s Eve, then maybe these tips can help you plan and have a fun time.

House Parties – They seem to be the best thing to do. You can eat, drink and dance like literally there is no tomorrow. You don’t have to worry about getting caught for drunk driving too (that’s if you are hosting the party).You can either cook an elaborate meal or simply call for home delivery. You can even host a make your own cocktail or mock tail party too. You can also opt for BYO (bring your own) nibbles and drink. You can have themes for dressing up and for food too!

Movie Marathon and Food – If you are someone who likes to keep it low or want to just Netflix and chill, this is the best way forward. A big bowl of popcorn, chips and may be some pizza is a great way to begin a movie marathon!! This can be a great bonding time for family and friends.

Games and More Games – You can have the party started earlier than usual. You can choose to host a games tournament that should be as exciting as the Triwizard tournament. We hosted a games night just last year and everyone right from kids to adults participated. From card games to one minute games, we played all of them. We even shoot some hoops in the backyard and scored a few goals too!! All in all, it was a great fun night with games, snacks and some cold drinks. You can even add in some healthy juices and smoothies to keep the extra calories at bay.

Go Camping – The idea is that maybe you still have some of those tickets unsold for various hiking and camping trips around the city. To welcome the New Year under the stars in the arms of your loved ones, snuggles in warm blankets, sounds like a perfect start to the New Year. You can easily opt for the one night camping trip and contact the many organizing agencies that are available on the internet.

Pajama Parties – What if I told you that you don’t have to worry about your make up or what you were wearing for the new year’s, would you believe it. It may be hard to believe but your guest will love you for hosting this one. You can easily host a pajamas and a pizza party with some good music. In the company of family and friends, with lots of cameras clicking and some great foot tapping music, your New Year eve is sure to shine.

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