An excerpt about time!!

What would you feel when you were strapped to a chair with wires snapped onto your neck.A weird kind of sensory wave travelling down your veins and reaching the end of your spine and almost saying hello to your butt.

Oh God, what was I doing there? How did I land myself into a position where I had to depart from my phone, be strapped to this chair for 15 mins and then get treated through heat even in this scorching weather?

While all this is happening to me, I need to control my mind from noticing the dust accumulated on the fan above my head.I almost cringe my face at the sight of the big hairy black spider that crawls up on the wall ahead of me.May be it is trying to rebuild a house that someone broke.Breaking a house, huh!! Sounds like a line from the soap opera I watched last night.

Oh yes, the soap opera makes my mind shift to the current entertainment series I am watching.How I wish my phone was not anti all this machinery, even though its a machine in itself. Didn’t someone say birds of the same feather flock together, but alas not in this case!!

Suddenly all the machinery starts beeping.I feel like being strapped to a bomb of a sort, may be it will explode as soon as the beeping stops however none of that happens.

Just as I am about to wander off to thoughts of what I will have for dinner, the physiotherapist decided to call it a day.Damn, how I wish I had more time to wander in my space than coming back to ground reality!!

Yes the physiotherapist has been working on my back for over a week now! Apparently the spine that helps me stand tall over the shitty little things in life has had it rough for a while now.It is like karma or something similar, everything that is long overdue,always crops up like a problem.

You remember the little toy box with the creepy little joker attached to it with a spring,the one that sprang up every time to shut it and opened it.Funny right as to how most things in your life spring back up or crawl their way to your life again, if it’s unresolved, unattended!!

Anyways I bid adieu to my doctor and she asked me to see her again the next day.She said in a few days I will begin to feel the vibrations better.Pain, numbs things around, slowly gradually, time being the best healer,does its work eventually!!

Time is always the best teacher, the kind of teacher who gives you umpteen number of examples, the one who tests you in ways that are unknown.The teacher who always changes its course for every student and the only teacher that gives you the best lessons without speaking a word!!

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