A simple mixed flour cake.

Today this Mommy is not going to be able to spend enough time with her little man Zayan this week!! And no matter how hard we try, the mom guilt steps in!!
So Mumma made him this cake, that has very little quantity of refined flour (Maida) and sugar but it also has finger millet (ragi) flour, sorghum (jowar flour) eggs, carrot and dates in it!! Here is the recipe for this easy peasy microwave cake that is ready in just 6-6.30 minutes.

Ingredients that you will need

¼ Cup Maida.
¼ Cup Ragi ¼ Cup Jowar
¾ Cup powdered sugar, you can use honey or jiggery powder too.
2 Eggs
2 big Carrots peeled and grated.
½ Cup Milk or more
½ Chopped dates
¼ Cup Butter
1tbsp baking powder  and 1tsp baking soda

Some sliced dry fruits for garnishing

METHOD Mix in the butter, sugar and eggs, until smooth. The mixture should look creamy and light yellow in color. Add in grated carrots and milk. Mix well.
Now sieve the dry ingredients and mix them well. Add the baking powder and baking soda to it as well.
Add the dry ingredients to wet ingredients.

Mix it really well. Keep mixing for 1 to 2 mins.Make sure there are no lumps. Add the dates and mix again. You can add dry fruits too.

Grease a microwave tray with butter, sprinkle very little dry flour.
Pour the cake batter and tap the microwave dish gently on a flat surface to release air. Garnish with dry fruits.
Now place the dish in the microwave for 6 minutes and let it bake/cook. Insert a toothpick once done, if it comes out clean, your cake is ready. Tadaa!!😘 🎂

You can substitute Maida with wheat flour. You can even add raisins and walnuts.You can add banana instead of carrots and use less sugar.

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