Why I invested in a baby carrier.

Togetherness is synonymous with Motherhood. A mom is always with her children or wanting to be with them. A mother is constantly surrounded with thoughts and questions that revolve around her children. I sometimes think being a mother should be considered as a highly qualified profession. It would be so amazing to get paid for a job that one does 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. This journey begins from the time a woman is pregnant and I guess never ends. I just feel the level of responsibility just increases with the growing years of your child.

My roller coaster ride began a few  years ago. Little did I know it would be more than a roller coaster ride for me! We all know about the different phases children have, right from colic issues to varied sleep patterns. All of this settles down by the time a child is a year old. I too believed that, “this too shall pass”, when my little one began having colic issues and just did not want to sleep through the night.

From devising sleep routines to following the routines to the T, we did it all. From swaddling to night time baths, to singing, rocking and keeping him awake through the day, we did all of it. The best part was that he was rarely cranky. He only wanted to play and be around his Momma!!

His sleep pattern seemed to have a mind of its own. As the situation warranted, this working mumma, soon became a stay at home mom. While mommy was at home, it also meant tending to other chores of the house. The daily chores and his sleep pattern began to  impact his and his mother’s health quality on certain occasions. Then someone suggested a baby carrier.

Amongst the many brands that were available online, I decided to pick the LuvLap baby carrier. I had to look at a lot of options before picking a baby carrier.

– I had to look for a safety certification. Him being super active, it had to be sturdy and safe.

– I had to look for multiple carrying positions as I didn’t want my already sore shoulders to turn more sore.

– Since he kept moving even in my arms, I needed something that would give his body a good support.

– It had to be comfortable and airy for him to stay cozy and comfortable in it and it also had to have soft belts, handles and some cushioning.

– The baby carrier also needed to have some pockets to keep essential stuff as Mumma doesn’t step out without some eatables for baby.

I looked up various websites for a suitable baby carrier and looked for a few points before I considered which one to buy

-It should have the European standard certification for safety

-It should support multiple carrying positions.

-It should allow you to carry your little one till they are at least 15kgs.

-It should be soft, cushioned and comfortable enough for your little one to stay put.

Now with the baby carrier at hand, it became easier to finish my chores. I had to put him into the carrier, after I fed him and with the warmth from mommy; he would fall asleep sooner than usual. It also helped me to get him to nap while I went for my walks in the evening. The carrier for sure has been a blessing for a mommy who has struggled with sleep patterns for longer than normal. 

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