Winning Is Inevitable!

Celebrating 10 Trophies in 10 Months

Winning is vital, for everyone who says that winning isn’t important is still waiting to experience the thrill and joy of having your hard work pay off.

Winning may not be glamorous in any other profession or walk of life as it is in sports.

When Sportnicians- The Sports People began their journey, they too were faced with challenges, some they did foresee and some they didn’t.

The game changer in their case was the sheer grit and determination of the founders to constantly keep trying and keep moving.

The ability to hit back and score a point came naturally to The Initiator of Sportnicians – The Sports People who has been an ex-India Tennis Player.

In Tennis the most natural reaction is to hit back, it doesn’t matter what weather, position and opponent you are playing against.

The same goes with football, you have to constantly follow the ball, one moment the ball is out of your sight and boom, the game changes.The thing with your dreams,ambitions, goals, etcetera is also similar.

You are allowed to change your tricks, stunts, playing strategy but your vision and dream cannot stagger!!

As an academy owner it becomes challenging when you do not have substantial results to show. For the Millennial and Gen Z world, I believe, it’s all about what they see. It is all about how soon can I win and that isn’t wrong.The eagerness to win is equally important as the efforts you put in!!

So after a lot of losses, unfair matches, wavering attendance pattern, unpredictable weather conditions and a lot many unhappy things, they won their first tournament! The excitement was at a new level all together.

Now kicked in the urge to win another one, that one trophy on the stand felt small, they wanted another one to sit beside it and wanted both the trophies to talk to each other, about their journey.

Hence came in more students, more energy, prioritization, extra efforts from the parents, the diet became important and so did the fitness.The sport came above everything else.

They soon realised one man cannot change it all they understood that one person’s valour had to be complimented by another person’s speed and so on!!

Remember these desi movies that got made on sports, how the Indian team had no stopping after their first one, well even them. They won 10 trophies in a span of 10 months.

They are preparing for even more wins.

Life is just like a game. Interesting to the onlookers, they just want to watch it, enjoy it and talk about it.

The ones who play it are the ones who have to plan their strategy, learn from their mistakes, capture the opportunity as soon as it arrives, take some last minute decisions, never underestimate your opponent, keep thinking on your feet and have a plan B ready always. Above all believe in yourself and let people do the talking.

Life isn’t easy, it is never easy and it isn’t meant to be. Just like the game, it’s not over until it’s actually over.

So bring it on and play along!!

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