Interview Tips to help you crack that interview.

Your interview is really the only ticket to get that job you have dreamt about. There is never really a perfect way to conduct yourself during an interview and there never is the perfect answer to a solution.There is a lot more to an interview than just answering a questionnaire set for you.

I worked for a corporate for ten years, conducted training and interviews as part of a job that I began dozing off at. Sleeping at work is strict no-no if you want to win the title, “best employee of the year”. To win that accolade and add a shiny little star badge on your dress, you are expected to stay overtime, complete the work of your seniors because apparently you are too qualified for the task and they are your seniors. Well, there are plenty off secrets that belong to the corporate world and I definitely do not want to burst your determination bubble because through this post, I am going to share some tips that are bound to make your employer think twice about your Resume!!

Dress like its your best day – Yes, first impression is usually the last impression hence dress your part. Restrict your dressing to smart casuals or formals.Avoid flashy colors, keep it monochromatic or use solid colors or smart prints. Make sure your attire is comfortable because your face is a mirror and it will reflect any sort of displeasure you experience.

Be Punctual – Time Management is one of the key factors in a person’s career. Always arrive early for an interview, besides creating a good impression, it also gives you an opportunity to prep yourself up by interacting with other candidates.

Be well Armoured – Giving an interview is no less than a battle and hence you have to be well prepared. Do a little background check for the company you have applied for.Study about the company’s goal and mission. Think about how your skills and knowledge could add to it.

Communication – Be yourself when you are communicating. Have real conversations. Avoid making up stuff when answering questions or talking about scenarios. Also try and sound professional when conversing. Smile and maintain eye contact.

Carry all your documents with you – It is best to carry all your paperwork and documents with you. Make sure you have read all the points in your resume so that you are able to answer an questions that spark out of the points you have mentioned.

There will be some questions that will require you to answer spontaneously and some would require you to ponder. You need to be confident at all times and let your body talk the language of confidence.Ask questions of your own to ensure that you appear equally involved in the process of the interview. When talking about your weaknesses, quote instances about how you have turned them into positives. Sound optimistic and willing to learn at all times.

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