Eat,Pray,Love and Detox.

I have always loved to dance and enjoyed celebrating all festivals.There was never a rule put down in our Muslim household on which festival to celebrate and which to not.I once even turned my mom’s saris to celebrate Navratri and Diwali. As a child while my dad laid importance on academics and sports, I found my joyous moments in being part of dancing groups and on stage events. I managed to excel at academics along with juggling my extracurricular stints. Then, as life took over and I got more power to do things, I realised what Spiderman meant when he said, β€œwith great power comes great responsibility”. Hence, I became busy with fulfilling my responsibilities

I soon realized that I had some responsibility towards my body and eventually I started taking care of myself. I also love food hence I cannot follow fad diets, I do exercise when I can make time for it and being a regular at it is something I am working on. I am however super thrilled with festive season that’s put my spirits on a high!! This also means I get to eat a lot of yummy plus health food meant for fasting and get to enjoy to the fullest. I also get to deck up and adorn myself with great clothes and accessories.

Ding- Dong! Soon reality rings a bell and I get pulled down by the gravitational force of motherhood. I feel the need for more than twenty-four hours to exist in a day, so that I can help my body relax and detox too. I knock doors of google assistant and a lot of detox tips come up, but I don’t know which ones to follow.

I dwell further into the results that are displayed on my screen and make a few phone calls to a few acquaintances who are friends and colleagues to verify the authenticity of these results. So, here are a few tips that will help you detox.

Hydrate – Yes, Yes! We all know the benefit of water and staying hydrated. So from the moment you wake up till you call it a day, keep yourself hydrated with lots of water. You can have home made lime juice sans the sugar. You can easily make fruit/vegetables or ginger infused water and consume the same through the day. Have fresh fruit juices sans the sugar and ice and this should keep you full and feeling fresh. I stumbled upon this website that has some really amazing DIY detox water recipes that will flip you. Do have a look, my favourite one is the buttermilk detox drink.

Detox Recipes

Eat anti -inflammatory foods and fiber rich foods – Your body will obviously tire out by the end of the day, hence you need to supply it with enough nutrients to keep you full and energetic through the day. Eat foods that help relax your muscles, reduce soreness and also help you get a good night’s sleep. Foods like, nuts, beans, banana, seeds, whole grains, tomatoes and leafy vegetables.

Avoid tea and caffeine – We are bound to consume tea and caffeine to keep alert and awake so that we do not miss out on the fun. However, excess of tea and caffeine can lower your energy levels. Try switching to green tea or avoid consuming too much sugar in your milk-based drinks.

Make a note of everything you eat – Oh well, yes, I am asking you to add a task to your everyday list. As soon as you start listing down what you eat, you will be more conscious to eat the right food in the right portion. It is also important to chew your food well and try eating in a plate smaller than your regular serving plate, this will help you eat right portions of food.

Get some moves – Yes, you will probably dance the night away but you need to start building up energy to use it later. Start with small walks or a small exercise routine to build strength. This will prep you up for the long day and will also keep you re-energized.

There are a lot of misconceptions around detox. Some say a liquid detox would help you detox and some believe in starving. I strongly believe that if you balance all your activities and focus on eating the right kind of food, your body will soon react positively. Avoid foods that are processed or too high in salt or sugar. Do not skip meals, skipping meals will just build in on your fat. Always ensure you eat fruits on an empty stomach and not after meals.

There are a lot of brilliant tips available on the internet to help you detox. There is also a 7 day diet which seems interesting and yummy to me. Do give it a read

Healthy Detox Tips

So while I get back to the regular hustle bustle of life after a holiday, you, do read, share, practice my tips and tell me what you think about it.

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