Here is how to lose some weight this monsoon.

One of the tips’ that the doctor gave me today while I was stepping out of her clinic was to lose weight. Uff! I thought! We are back to where we have been many times before. It is not that I don’t want to lose weight or haven’t tried losing weight at all. I have PCOD which is also known as the polycystic ovary disease. I have had it for more than a decade now. Thankfully, I don’t have the difficult symptoms of PCOD however trying to lose weight has been a constant companion. On some days it feels like a little party in uterus with the cysts, fibroid and the new found friend polyp!

The best part about the lockdown has been that I have been eating homecooked food for close to 140 days. Yes, the other 2 to 3 days I have definitely eaten food ordered from outside. Now we all know that even weight follows the 80 -20 rule. Where food comprises of 80 percent and the rest 20 comprises of your lifestyle and exercise. I have been pretty successful at tapping on the 20 percent of my lifestyle. Often, it is the food that I have to hustle with! C’mon, you know the struggle if you love food and you are the one cooking it day in and day out!

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The weather is Mumbai is definitely not helping my food cravings either. Do you know I bought the book, “Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight”, even before it became a bestseller? The book became a bestseller and I became a best eater. Oops, that is indeed a terrible joke but what else can you expect from a foodie. You ask me to give you recipes and I will narrate them like a pro, you ask me about food combinations and I can teach you really well too. However, you ask me to refrain from food, well, that’s simple cruelty. Everything said and done, I still need to lose those extra 4 kgs of weight, which is definitely doable. (the Sagittarian optimism always speaks) It is like looking for a rainbow behind the darkest cloud 😊

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Then someone told me that monsoon can be one of the best seasons to try and lose weight. Here is what I am planning to try and you can try the same too after checking with your doctor.

Having soups

The second perfect weather to have soups is Monsoon. You can definitely add ginger to every soup you make. Ginger helps aid digestion and weight loss too. Having soups helps you put a limit to all the binge eating you do and it keeps you full for long. This soup recipe, definitely has been drooling.

Snack on the right things.

One of my biggest challenge has been to curb my midnight binging. I however discovered some really easy options for midnight snacking which helps me eat right. Makhanas, nuts, home made snacks can be really good for snacking. This is the season for pakoras no doubt but make sure you balance your snacking well.

Drink some teas that help you detox.

Drinking detox tea esp. the ones made with cinnamon or ginger are great for weight loss. It boosts immunity plus it helps to cure small symptoms of climate change too.

Sleep, my darling sleep.

Did you know that a majority of your weight problems are correlational with sleep. An average adult needs at least 7 hours of sleep suggests my doctor. Your body needs that sleep to improve and reenergise.

Try intermittent fasting.

Since most of us are home, thanks to the lockdown, it’s good time to try intermittent fasting. Nutritionist and Lifestyle coaches like Rujuta Diwekar and Luke Coutinho have some amazing tips to share about intermittent fasting. There are quite a few variations to practicing the intermittent fasting and you can try what suits you. I try the 16/8 method and I started with the 14/8 method.

Do not skip your exercise

The easiest way to stay fit is to complete close to ten thousand steps a day. You can spot walk/jog when you are standing, watching T.V or simply walk in the house. You can even walk a flew flight of stairs every day. Also reduce the intake of card in your diet and balance it with a good amount of protein and minerals.

Drink like a whale.

Well, what I mean is, drink water, lots of water. Water not only constitutes for the major part of your body; it helps you to heal. Water helps with weight loss too. Keep sipping water through the day.

These small lifestyle changes will help you shed some weight for sure during this pleasant weather. Weight loss and fitness has to be your goal and it has to be constant journey.

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