Staying positive everyday in these tough times may not be easy. Here is how you can do it.

Thinking about positive things is easier when you are giving someone an advice. It is an advice that is extremely easy to share however equally difficult to practice. We all want positive affirmations that everything is going to be ok. The current world situations make my faith in the magic of optimism, quiver! Just when, I think I am as strong and ready as the hulk to take on anything, I hear another heart-breaking news.  The moment I am ready to spread my winds to fly and my heart is ready to strum, either the wind or the music is missing. The recent ammonium nitrate explosions in Lebanon have left a little dent in my heard yet again.

If you are aren’t aware as to what tragedy engulfed Lebanon, its time you checked this My heart and prayers go out to everyone who has been impacted. Everything that is happening in the world today. Shouldn’t happen to anyone. It is so tough to find something positive to think about when your phone is constantly buzzing with images and videos of all that makes your spirit gloomy.

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While, we are all aware of self-motivational talks we need to do with ourselves, we need constant reminders as well. So, while we all join our hands and pray to the force that binds us all, to keep us safe and sound. We must also do whatever we can to help the less fortunate ones. A small donation or a few meals will not cause a big dent in your pockets.

I am sure by now the world pandemic has made it evident that money and fame doesn’t go above health and happiness. Along with maintaining your physical health, it is important to maintain your emotional health too. One of the easiest ways to do so, is to stay positive through all your ups and downs.  There are questions that arise in my mind when my heart is stumbling over all the bad that is happening in the world. How does one stay calm and positive through this roller coaster called life?

Everyone can use some help with positive thinking once in a while. Luckily, there are plenty of positiveness quotes in existence to help with that.

We see many tips and tricks to stay happy in life however practicing them on a daily basis is what makes them effective! In the current world times, everybody is literally caught in hustle. The hustle to work from home, for home and away from home! The news of the pandemic growing has been flashing in front of my eyes everyday. Then it is accompanied with news of death of people and other catastrophies. Finally, one day, I decided to shut of all my sources of information because I knew the only thing I could was to pray, pray for everyone’s wellbeing.

Here are a few things I started practicing to focus on the positive energy and limit the intake of unpleasant details that were coming in.

Daily affirmations to stay positive and on track to harness the power of the Law of Attraction.

Look after your family and neighbours

 While there is only little you can do to help with the world suffering. Indeed, you can do more for people around you. Make sure you invest in your health and your family’s health. Along with that, every now and then check on the well being of your neighbors’ too. Follow all health norms as laid down by the government to reduce any risk for anyone.

Do things that make you happy

Even if doing nothing is what is making you happy, do it. Ensure that every day you invest in some time for yourself. This time could mean a phone call to a friends or family or simply reading a book. Make that time for yourself that helps you unwind from your thoughts and surroundings.

Random acts of kindness will help you stay positive

We know the world is suffering and there is only so much we can do for someone. Helping someone by an item of grocery or buying someone a meal will mean a lot too. Your acts of kindness don’t have to be monetary always, you could give your watchman some hot tea and a meal to eat too. While you maintain your social distancing, you could lend someone a listening ear as well.

Maintain a daily inventory

As women we are excellent at maintaining inventories. Maintain an account of your daily activities. Write a mood journal or list down the positive things in your daily life. So even though there are bigger problems in the world, you will still attract some optimism to yourself.

Support people and small business

The world is not slowly unlocking however there are so many industries that have been badly impacted. As an entrepreneur, I understand the struggle involved in starting a local brand. Hence, support people who are carving a way for themselves in some way or the other. If you can also donate to the world causes, do so. It will help you feel better.

Listen to stories of resilience to draw some inspiration to move forward. We all have the sunshine in us, it’s time to set aside the dark clouds slowly. These aren’t the time we have dreamt of or wished for ever but the belief that this too shall pass is what’s keeping me going. What is helping you stay motivated?

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